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It seems that an increasing number of haters are condoning personal attacks using sock accounts. Twitter also seems not to be willing to do anything about this practice.

While I do not think this is a useful tool for dealing with debates, I can no longer see the point in engaging in an uphill battle to get people to quit making these things.

It seems that everyone is fair game and should not complain when they become the target of one or more of these things. Also since the trolls do not seem to mind using photos belonging to other people, and post counter complaints to DMCA complaints, they should not object to the use of your PERSONAL social media accounts images on hate blogs or in “satirical” posts on Twitter.

If anyone gets such a complaint about a DMCA complaint, PM me and I will send you a copy of a counter complaint someone used to keep content belonging to me on her twitter account.

Her letter will insure that NO image that is posted will be taken down.

IF anyone makes the socks, be sure to let me know. Some of them are informative and entertaining.

Stay tuned