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A celebration is breaking out on a segment of the internet over the reporting of a mother who has lost the parental rights of one of her children.

Also, according to one blogger, the mother may face the loss of custody of her unborn child as well.

The reasons given by one blogger reporting on the custody dispute claims the court blamed the conduct of the mother and her new husband as well as her failure to pass a drug test.

No matter what direction that this custody case would have taken, it seems clear to me that it is the children who may have lost. The children will have to grow up in a disjointed family structure where their birth parents are at odds with each other. One child may grow up with a set of new parents or in foster care due to the alleged conduct of their parents.

All of those celebrating the custody decision that was said to have been handed down might want to think about the children caught in the middle of this parental squabble.

It is the children and their future that is more important rather than who wins or loses a parental custody case.

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