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Monthly Archives: December 2015

It is now four days before I abandon the trolls and the haters and move on, knowing full well that they will NOT do the same. Their actions over the past few days is clear proof of that.

So be it. The purpose of this post is to address the future of this blog and what will be happening after Jan, 1st.

This blog will remain the way it is. I will post the same subject matter here that I have always posted. The one exception is that I will no longer post anything about my haters and trolls.

They are no longer worthy of my attention.

When I post something on the other blog, I will post a link here and also on my primary Twitter account. My other Twitter account will be modified shortly to reflect the subject matter of the new blog and other websites related to it.

In an ideal world, the trolls would act like the adults they are SUPPOSED to be and move on to concentrate on their families and matters of more substance but that is not the nature of a troll who is nothing more than an adult version Of a delinquent.

Trolls lack intelligence and creativity. The subject matter of the new blog is far above their ability to comprehend.

I will explain the new blog in detail the evening of Dec 31 around 10 pm eastern.

Stay tuned



What a strange internet universe we live in. For YEARS the trolls have been whining about sock accounts. They run around accusing me and any number of people of being behind various sock accounts.

Then out of the blue, socks are good, socks are ok, socks are great.


Because it is not attacking THEM, of course. It is one OR MORE of THEM attacking someone other than one of them. It is yet one more instance of where these people are proving themselves to be hypocrites who think that the “rules of the road” are only for them.

The trolls are also the first to claim that they are NOT the sock in question. They on the other hand, will not accept it when I and others claim that we are not behind any sock accounts.

It is obvious who the sock is and no, it is not the woman who wrote a comment on the hate blog, it is someone else and the identity is obvious. Its style of writing, terminology used give the person away almost from the start. The same person has done this before. Socks are its trademark.

One thing I did notice is that these people simply cannot let go. The sock proceeded to attack people other than me that have been off true crime media for YEARS. The sock also attacked a young girl who was stalked by the Anthony family to the point where the Grandmother had to report them several times before they finally stopped.

Why these people still support Casey Anthony is a mystery but there is no accounting for taste.

The writer of the hate blog seems to think there is some kind of victory when there is actually proof of their harassment and lack of a desire to leave the past in the rear view mirror and move on.

This sock appeared immediately after I posted my intention of moving on and leaving the trolls in the dust of the past. That is still my intention. The internet is full of haters. Everyone from the most obscure to the most famous have them.

It is easy to be a hater. It is the emotion of the weak minded. Haters pound on the smallest mistake their target makes and will not acknowledge that they themselves make mistakes.

Haters want perfection from others but not from themselves. It is a truth we must all face.

Stay tuned



turd6The pot or drugs the troll attacking me must be on must be causing it to slip up. It was just a short while ago that this troll accused me of using the C word and called me a woman hater in a pm chat where there is no such comment.turdcunt

Lo and behold, not more than a few short hours, the troll/stalker uses the word calling a WOMAN the C word and mentioning her by name in its posts.


It should be clear by now as to who the woman hater is and who is fond of using that particular word when attacking women.

It is also proof positive that Private messages are being altered both now and back in 2008. Identify the troll and you will have who has been altering them all along.

In closing I am a bit puzzled why the troll is attacking this woman to begin with? She has never been a part of anything to do with these stalkers and she has been living her own personal life far from Florida and also far from Twitter.

The current drivel on twitter by this troll is proof positive that it is they that create the drama and not me or the others they target.

Stay tuned


kimpfuckkimShades of the old private PM attack that happened against me in 2008. Today I got yet another set of uninvited private chat messages by an unknown someone that contained some rather interesting accusations.


There have been a number of trolls and stalkers that seem to think I have a romantic interest in a certain Florida lawyer who is most famous for her involvement in the Haleigh Cummings case.

turd2I do not know where that accusation came from other than trolls needed something to troll about and the lawyer seemed to be a good subject to include in the trolling.

The Troll in question first started going after me in public on Twitter. That particular troll account was created several years ago by an individual who did not want its name associated with the stalking. It is one of many sock accounts that has been created by this troll over the years.

Getting back to the first sentence of this blog, many remember that I was accused of saying certain things in a private chat those many years ago. I claimed that the chat was altered. A number of people said they were not although they were never able to produce any proof that they were not.

Well, the troll put up a post where it accuses me of using a certain word. This word is used quite often by a certain poster who is going after a former member of anonymous.  This link below is an example of one of many times he has used this term:


The one thing to note is that there is no time stamp in his alleged screen shot of the DM chat. In my shots above, there is a time stamp showing when the comment by the troll occurred. There is none in it’s version  of the screen shot. Now why is that.

As for the use of that word, it seems that a troll who is respected by my haters uses that word A LOT:

Note the time stamp. This post is less than a day old. I do not see any criticism of HIS use of this rather blunt term.

Odd on how a troll who supports HIS use of this term then turns around and accuses me of the same thing. Yet another shining example of the hypocrites that stalk my timelines and once again stalk me by private message.

This time, however, it blundered. I was instructed never to reply to any private message of that nature. Thus if any twitter log shows up with any posts attributed to me, it is most likely one that has been altered the same way this was done before.

Stay tuned


tw1Proof of my being stalked arrived a short while ago as proof positive of my claims of  being stalked by haters using sock accounts. This sock account was created several years ago by one individual in particular who had to have an excuse to attack me without me being able to accuse her of unwanted contact.

It is obvious who it is behind the sock account because of the way she writes and the terminology she uses. The account remains open for a short while and then she deactivates it in order to avoid being shut down by Twitter for clearly violating their rules.

It is this kind of harassment that I have had to put up with for years. I would suspect that this sock account will be showing up time and again after the first of the year. She is incapable of minding her own business and this is how she stalks others without getting caught or at least THINKING she has not been caught.

Since she is a lonely recluse who has been outcast by her family, it is understandable that she has to lash out at someone.

Stay tuned


One thing that has been done on the internet over the years is for people to create a whole new vocabulary. Among these terms are , subtweet and sock.

The first one I will tackle here is the infamous subtweet.

The term is supposed to mean when you talk about someone behind their back. Under this term, it should mean that all twitter posts that does not mention a certain person by name or implication should NOT be considered a subtweet.

Some people need to be reminded, I suppose, of what Twitter was used for when it first came about. People used Twitter to say where they were or what they were doing at a given moment. It was more common for the post to be random without tagging anyone in particular.

Some of you who read here are part of a group that uses the subtweet method of communication with me and I with you. This usually happens in my private webcast where we are using Twitter as a chat room. I reply to comments that you make on your own twitter accounts without tagging my username. It is a system we have used long before most of the trolls even joined Twitter.

The same method is also used between people who do do not want their communication traced or when people do not want trolls knowing who is following who.

There are, after all, ways for people to read each others accounts without following them or being followed.

What is funny is that the very people who accuse me of subtweeting THEM are doing the exact same thing. They do need something to whine about, of course and subtweeting is one of their most common complaints.

Will their accusations make me stop what they call subtweeting? Probably not. If they want to think that every post I make is about them, then be my guest.

The next misunderstood term is the Sock account. Generally a sock account is supposed to be someone on twitter pretending to be someone else by establishing another Twitter account.

It is a rather odd practice that, despite the trolls accusations to the contrary, that I do not employ. First it is a waste of time and second, because of the way I write, I would be easily detectable.

Now there have been accounts that were made using part of my handle, Murt Defender and Murt protector to name two of them. I did not ask for these names to be used. Those who owned the Twitter accounts did this on their own. I had a discussion at length with those who established them and pointed out to them that the trolls were blaming me for the accounts being created. Thus the sock label that was pinned on them by the trolls.

The owners of the accounts either changed their account usernames or took them down entirely. I do have new followers who address the trolls and now they are called Socks by the trolls and I must admit that I have inappropriately labeled their accounts as socks as well.

What these accounts are are actually ANONYMOUS accounts. For their own personal reasons, these accounts which also include the trolls use the anonymous accounts in an attempt to hide who they are.

I have stated my point of view when it comes to anonymous accounts but do understand why some people use them.

In the end it does not matter what I say or do, I will always be blamed for things that I have not said or did. It is part of the on line experience.

Stay tuned


The one favorable thing I can say about SOME of my critics and stalkers is that they do not hide. The vast majority of them either address me by their legal names or at least by usernames that are known to belong to someone with a legal name.

Some of these people are prominent and others are not. They seem not to fear any reprisals for having their names known. Some have had their names in public records easily discovered by anyone who decided to seek that knowledge.

These people may lie but at least they lie in the open. That cannot be said for some who choose to attack from the dark cave of an Anonymous username.

Bravery is not measured by what you are willing to say but in standing behind what you say.

Stay tuned


The trolls are going to have a bit of a problem come January, 1, 2016. The problem they face is that the new blog will not mention them at all. Not a single one of them will be mentioned.

I will also not be discussing anything in the area of true crime. No legal cases nor any trials. This blog will be here as both a link to the new blog as well as other subjects I discuss from time to time that does not coincide with the new blog.

The new blog will deal with a subject I have been interested all of my life. Those who have known me for decades know what that subject matter is.

My new blog and other related websites will be my take on that subject matter and what I feel is going to happen as a result of certain events that will take place in the year to come as well as in the distant future.

The trolls may choose to spam the new blog and try and interfere with what I am doing. Those who visit the new blog and see the trolls at their worst will then understand that my haters and trolls are nothing but internet vandals who cannot stand not having attention brought to themselves.

The trolls will then be shown for the bottom feeders they are.

They will be shown to be the nothings they are. They will be shown that they deserve nothing more than to be completely ignored.

On Jan 1, 2016, their banishment from my attention begins.

Stay tuned


femanonymousThere is the common claim that hiding behind the mask of Anonymous has some rather distinct advantages. An Anonymous group or individual is free to say and do just about anything it wants with no accountability or ramifications for its acts.

There is, however, one big drawback to maintaining such a secret identity. Anyone anywhere can say anything it wants about the individual or group and face no consequences for what is being said.

An anonymous person cannot sue for slander or defamation without revealing who they are. The anonymous person also has the burden of proof in that it has to prove that it was THE anonymous person being discussed.

When someone is anonymous, there is no personal trait which can be brought into court as evidence. No gender, age, nationality, nothing. The Anonymous person/group has the burden of proof as to what is being said about it/they is true or not.

Those who follow the Anonymous person either on a blog, Twitter or other social media location also has the problem in trying to be certain of who it is behind that mask.

What is the true motive of the Anonymous individual or group? How can one be certain that the individual or group is NOT a criminal? Is that person a sex offender? Is that person a pedophile? How is one supposed to take the word of someone who keeps its identity a carefully guarded secret?


There have been many instances of anonymous accounts who were found to be operated by pedophiles, predators and other criminals who stalked the internet for victims of their criminal actions.

A bit of caution needs to be taken by those who may be enamored by some Anonymous person or group who may fall in line with their bias towards a point of view or person or group.

That person you so admire may someday take you into the abyss of  despair and ruination.

Stay tuned


holmsethI suppose a lesson I should have learned a long time ago with haters and trolls was to simply ignore them. Stalkers and trolls as a matter of principle are not out to seek any kind of truth. They are, instead, out to spread rumor and false innuendo.

trollIF there is any truth to the claims made by the haters and trolls, it becomes lost in their efforts which at best are unethical, immoral and may even be criminal.

I have always been someone who fights against lies and injustice. This trait has caused me a great deal of damage because I did not comprehend the simple fact that those stalking me do not care one single bit about the truth. Their only agenda is the power they are able to garner on the internet.

They are able to hide from being accountable for their actions behind elaborate anonymous identities and the knowledge that seeking recourse for their unjust acts is both expensive and futile in the long run.

While I do not agree with everything Tim Holmseth says or does, I have seen that he has developed a successful strategy for dealing with his haters and trolls.

donotfeedtrollsHe, for the most part, completely ignores them. No matter how many times the haters attack him, defame him or otherwise try and undermine what he writes about or does, he prevails.

So, while it might be a bit too late, I am following the Holmseth principle and will ignore my haters and trolls. The damage they have done with their continuing lies can never be repaired.

It is best, therefore to move forward and salvage the best way I can, the rest of my life.

Stay tuned