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The Begger Princess who claims to be too sick to work yet has the time to binge blog seems to have a reading problem. Her reading problem is that for whatever strange reason she seems to be compelled this blog and then gripe about it.

The Begger Princess cannot stand the fact that I am no longer going to address the MASSIVE number of lies she has told about me for what is now going on a DECADE.

What I find odd about this binge blogging of hers is that she is on the internet almost non stop. The proof is in her various KNOWN blogs and other social media accounts as well as in those blogs and sock accounts she is SUSPECTED of being on. Her so called business consists primarily of being on a computer and is an occupation that could easily be done at home.

There is absolutely no excuse for the Begger Princess to be lounging at home while begging for living expenses. There are tens of thousands of people out there who are worse off physically who are able to find something to do to earn a living.

The Begger Princess goes after people demanding they get a job, well it is about time the Begger Princess does the same.

Stay Tuned