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trollI find it funny that the Begger Princess is using every excuse to explain why it is necessary to have a pinned Donation Begging tweet on her account and having her friends have the exact same donation message on their accounts.

internetpoliceThe Begger Princess seems to have appointed herself an internet cop and claims that she has the right and justification to determine who can seek donations and who cannot.

femliar.jpgThe Begger Princess also misrepresents the circumstances that started her lie yet again as she does of many other things,  but enough of that.

The Begger Princess must have a memory problem since I remember a blog many years ago where she was having a “problem” with the landlord of an apartment she lived in and needed to find away to get out of that little mess.

Also, in her latest rant, The begger Princess claims that she has had to “put up” with me for the past 10 years.

It is the other way around and the Begger Princess knows it. The evidence is quite clear in both the LATEST blog made solely to attack ME and the MANY twitter accounts she has created for the sole purpose of attacking me.

How many Twitter accounts does the Begger Princess have? at least 12 that I know of and probably more than that.

And there was that “secret forum” where the Begger Princess somehow managed to get the chat logs of a PASSWORD PROTECTED chat room and posted them on that secret forum.

The Begger Princess likes to complain, along with her other lackeys about bypassing blocks but does not seem to mind overriding password protected website that has at is purpose keeping trolls like her OUT.

HER conduct and those of others who were part of her group is clear proof of THEIR stalking.

As for proof of her ability to create ALTERED content, there is the way the chats were posted on her “secret forum.” My username as well as that of many of the chatters were CHANGED. The Begger Princess has never explained how she managed to pull off that stunt.

In fact, she took great pleasure about bragging about it. Yet, when I claim the PM’S that, coincidentally FIRST appeared in HER blog and forum, she was real quick to dismiss the altered content claim and even tried to say that it was impossible to do so.

Well, the Begger Princess can celebrate the fact that I know full well that she will NEVER tell the truth and I have decided to move on.

At 10 PM  on December 31, 2015 I will  post details on the new blog. It will then be a wait and see how long it will take before the trolls start attacking me yet again and the new websites as well.

It will not be a question of IF the trolls cannot move on it will be a question of WHEN the trolls start their old habits in the new year.

countdownAny bets, folks? Let the countdown begin. Mine will start on new years day EST.

Stay tuned