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nppaThe one thing that has struck me as 2015 comes to an end and my vow not to discuss the group of haters and trolls who have stalked me for over a decade, is about to take place, is how perfect my haters and trolls are. Not one of them, it seems, has ever made one single mistake.

perfectThese perfect people have never done anything wrong or incorrect. These perfect people have never wrongfully accused someone of saying something or doing something.

perfect2These perfect people drone on and on preaching to those of us who make mistakes. Unfortunately we cannot be the perfect people.

We who are not perfect have made mistakes and probably will make a lot more of themĀ  in the future.

We who are not perfect learn from our mistakes and try to be better people as a result.

Since the perfect people do not make any mistakes, they have nothing with which to learn from, this must mean that the perfect people are pretty damn stupid.

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