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gunIt is not even 3 days into the new year and 2016 is off to a violent start. It was not even two hours into the new year when reports of shootings started to be reported.


At the stroke of midnight, Two Florida children were injured and a police car was damaged when celebration got out of hand.

Celebratory Gunfire Wounds 2 Minors, Damages Police Car

npreserve.jpgAnother strange event to start of the new year is the current occupation of a  Government nature preserve that is trending on Twitter and elsewhere


As usual, this event has the country deeply divided as people on social media take different sides regarding the reason for the take over of the property in Oregon.

Things are flaring up in Saudi Arabia and Iran over mass executions, one of which included a Shiite cleric.


These are  just a sample of how things have started off quite literally with a bang as shootings have been rampant since Jan 01,2016.

embfire.jpgUnfortunately, it looks like this is only the beginning to what is shaping up to be an extremely violent new year.

Take cover, folks.

Stay tuned