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Late in 2006 I began a project that I hoped would have made a difference in how people interacted on true crime social media. I also had hopes that people could put their egos aside and come together for the common good.

It turned out to be a monumental waste of time. It became quite clear that most of those on true crime blogs, forums and other kinds of internet sites cared more for themselves than the plight of the missing and abused children that were making the headlines for the past decade.

There has been and still is a jockeying for power and attention among the owners of a number of social media sites. They go to the extremes in their quest for power destroying anyone who gets in their way.

The abuse doled out by these people is more horrific and intense than any outsider could ever imagine.

While it is true that there are trolls and abusers throughout the internet, those in the true crime sector take abuse to the extreme.

Because of these abuses, people are abandoning this sector of social media and are going elsewhere. Some are returning to mainstream media sources and others are moving away from true crime altogether.

For decades I used to deal with people who stood behind their word. When given trust, they demonstrated that trust.

This is not true in true crime social media. This segment of the internet is full of back stabbers, trolls, haters and abusers.

Service providers such as Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and so forth show little concern about dealing with the abusers. Trolls and haters generate revenue and lots of it. They use excuses such as freedom of speech and third party providers.

Occasionally providers such as Twitter send out announcements and press releases saying that they are taking steps to clamp down on the abusers.

Their efforts have done absolutely nothing to stem the abuses. If anything Twitter has made it much harder to deal with the abusers. The Twitter block option is useless. The abusers can still spam people who are following or are the followers of the targets of their abuse.

The abusers use outside sources to create their disgusting and demeaning content and then post links to it to avoid any action that would result in the account being suspended for rules violations.

Many people have had the same problems with haters and abusers and have found the process of trying to get rid of them frustrating.

I am one of them. I am surrendering. I am throwing in the towel.

True crime social media is theirs for the taking. The trolls and haters have ruined it for everyone so now they are free to play in their own sewage.

2016 is the year of new hope and new beginnings.

See you there

Stay tuned