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lifeboobooMistakes happen. I am the first to admit that I make a lot of them. That said, I am a bit surprised that someone at this huge media outlet did not catch this rather obvious one before posting it on the internet.

Not only did Life get the year wrong but it had the year posted well after Hitler’s death and after World War 2 ended.

This does bring up an interesting point, however. There are a lot of mistakes on the internet made by a lot of people and by mainstream media outlets. The problem is that most of the mistakes remain either uncorrected or believed by the public at large that are unaware the mistakes were made.

The danger therein lies with the damage that is done again and again when these uncorrected mistakes get repeated time and again on the internet.

The next time you read something on the internet about someone or something, always maintain a bit of skepticism about what you are viewing and consider the source and whatever bias you may have toward the subject.


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