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williamsBrian Williams will be covering the Iowa caucuses Monday, Feb 1, 2016.

When I posted this one line tweet, the reaction was immediate. “More lies” was one of the first retweets of the post.

Mr Williams is taking an enormous risk. Political campaigns can get even the most respected anchor into hot water. Because of his past mistakes, Brian Williams will be watched closely, not only by the general public, but by the strong minded supporters of each and every candidate in this very unusual presidential race.

It will be an easy area for a misstatement or mistake to be made. The first time Brian Williams makes a mistake, it will be magnified many fold and much more intensely than would be the case with any other news personality.

The uproar that may come about with Brian William’s return to the news desk will be as intense as any having to do with the individual candidates and will go far to determine if he has a new place in news media or if this is the start of his downfall and exit from national news.

Stay tuned