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trailer1There has been a story running on local Central Florida news outlets about a local scout troop who had their equipment trailer stolen.

Scout troop seeks help replacing equipment after trailer full of gear stolen in Holladay

What is sad and disconcerting is that this is only the latest in a rash of thefts all over the country of trailers belonging to scout troops.



One of the reasons these thefts are so common is that, unlike automobiles, it is easy to steal these kinds of trailers and sell them.

As with automobiles, utility trailers, for the most part are titled vehicles with vin or serial numbers attached to the frame and bodies for identification.

Where the problem arises that makes these vehicle easy to sell is that they can be registered in some states without a title. One can either claim it is a home made trailer or simply register it without having to produce the title when registering it. In the State of Florida, for example, utility trailers with a gross weight of less than 2000 pounds can be licensed without a title. All that is needed is a bill of sale.

gpsOne thing that would be advisable to scout troops is to install a gps tracker on the trailer. This would allow for tracking the trailer in the event it is stolen. These devices are inexpensive and can be hidden anywhere on the trailer.

It is hard to comprehend that someone would steal from the scouts but one has to remember that a thief has no morals to be stealing something that a lot of people worked hard to obtain and that, in most cases, their income depends on these trailers and the equipment transported on them.

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