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Monthly Archives: February 2016

olsenrecord2No matter how hard I try and ignore these trolls, they keep coming back to empower their empty lives. Now I have been ignoring Thomas Olsen for months. I have not discussed him or linked anything about him at all. I have also been silent about all my stalkers in spite of their almost daily mentions of me on their blogs and twitter accounts.

For some weird reason Thomas Olsen and another low life who threatened me when he lived in Central Florida are back trying to make themselves feel important.

Rather than use his known twitter account, Thomas Olsen felt compelled to use a new sock account to spew his childish nonsense.

I have made attempt after attempt to move away from the soap opera that the true crime social media spectrum has become. These morons can have their little kingdom. I have had enough.

The problem is that these bottom feeders do not have the ability to move on. More likely they are unemployed and living in recluse someplace living off of others.

That certainly must be the case since they are up after midnight eastern trolling people who are trying to live their lives and mind their own business.

This is something Olsen and those he hangs with are unable to do.

Stay tuned


Levi H Page does not seem to comprehend the English language or feels he has the right to attempt to engage people who do not wish to have anything to do with him.

Recently, Levi Page tagged my username in a post he made about a close internet friend who passed away earlier this month.

messagefromleviI sent Levi Page a direct message on Twitter informing him that I do not wish to have any contact with him and told him to quit tagging my username on Twitter.


Rather than doing the ETHICAL thing and move on, Mr Page once again tagged my username on Twitter. In certain circles in including his supporters, this would be defined as STALKING.

His post to me claims he has proof of the ownership of a certain blog. Why this matters is beyond me.


The person who  either owns or has owned the aforementioned blog is within their legal right to write their blog as millions of others have done. I am not concerned who owns that particular blog.

Mr. Page also demonstrates he is a hypocrite since he is one of those who defends the right of the  entity known as Radio to hide it’s/their identity.

I am therefore informing Mr Page once again to quit tagging my twitter username in his rants. It is a violation of Twitter terms of service and is also proof of his continued stalking of people who want nothing to do with him or those around him.


Levi Page announced recently that he was going back into webcasting and had said he was going to be covering subjects of interest in the true crime area.

I am sure there are enough people out there who will tune into his webcasts if he ever decides to live up to his announcements and start doing what he stated he was going to do.

With the warmer weather coming, Mr Page ought to go outdoors and get some exercise. There are things outside of the internet and it is about time he started exploring them.

Now that Mr Page and the rest of the internet is aware that I want nothing to do with him, I am moving on to real life and more productive pursuits.

This will be the LAST time I broach on the subject of this idiot and those who worship him.

Stay tuned


comptrollThe woman who owns at least a half dozen blogs aimed at attacking me and some others simply cannot live a life of her own and move on to more productive pursuits and GET A JOB is at it yet again.

gofundmeShe even stooped to begging for expenses (claiming that “a friend” set the account up) she claims to have incurred for an operation, in spite of owning a business where the hourly rate is quite high  in that field could have easily been done from her plush apartment. Also, in spite of the fact that under the affordable care act, virtually all of her medical expenses would be paid by the US government.

She seeks these funds while at the same time attacking people for doing the same, proving once again that she will defend her right to do things that she will NOT allow others to do.

This odd piece of work, whose name I will not mention because it only fulfills her need for  attention has spent the past 10 years accusing me of things that I have not done and things I have not said.

At NO time has this idiot ever offered even the slightest proof of what she claims. Instead, she has barged into where she was not welcome, bypassing password protected websites and archiving things she has no business having in her possession.

She has even stooped to mocking my fiance who has nothing to do with anything on the true crime internet genre.

Barging into other people’s business is something this woman and those around her have done for years. Some of these demented weirdos have gone as far as to look up my driving records as well as the OBITUARIES of my entire family. They have spied on members of my family including those who either were or currently are in the military.

They cannot stand people exercising their rights as afforded by the constitution of the United States and try anything to prevent people who disagree with their “standards” from even defending the attacks against them.

1stflagThe woman who seems to want to dictate the actions of those who are citizens of this country will not even bother to become a citizen herself. She remains a foreign national who is not even willing to abide by our constitution and our laws.

When confronted by legal challenges, the woman hides like a coward in order to avoid being ordered to court to answer for her actions.

One individual who claims a long period of harassment and defamation is trying to compel her to appear in court. Instead, it is alleged that she hides like the coward she is, unwilling to stand up for herself in a court of law.

The woman is probably under the mistaken impression that I am going to restart my decades long attempt to fight the deceptive actions by her and her entourage and to fight the lies that she continues to post against me.

I am not.

I am 65 years old. I am retired. I DO have a life out of the internet. I do NOT spend hours making sock accounts and writing blog after blog smearing the reputations of people I have never met and likely will never meet.

UNLIKE THEM, I have moved on. I have better things to do then fight a bunch of welfare queens who have no jobs or no lives of their own who spend the bulk of their time barging in to where they do not belong.


I am going to be exploring the world of science and technology on my new websites. I am no longer going to cover true crime cases on a regular basis.

The vast majority of people in the true crime social media genre are bloggers and webcasters with bloated egos who want to be the on line powerhouses rather than being sincere when it comes to caring about the crimes being committed in society and the victims of these crimes.

I will concentrate on my new website as well as other subjects of my interest as well as events and places in Central Florida.

I felt compelled to break my self imposed silence regarding the liars and stalkers that I announced in January after the cruel attack against the family of a recently deceased loved one by someone who apparently does not like the first amendment either.

Now that I have addressed these issues, I return to my self imposed silence when it comes to these bottom feeders.

So while the trolls troll, the haters hate, and the death wishers wish people death, I instead, move on to live life in the real world.

Stay tuned



I had made it abundantly clear this past new years eve that I have had enough of the petty squabbling that takes place on True Crime social media by the groupies and trolls that infest that genre. I had stated that I would no longer engage with or mention a certain group of trolls who seem to have nothing better to do than stalk people who want nothing to do with them.

Levi H Page is prominent among these group of mindless trolls.

Every once in a while, Mr Page would post something tagging accounts he is blocked from with his snide remarks in hopes the target will not ignore him and engage him. For some odd reason he seems to crave this kind of attention.

Levi does something else that is rather strange. Once he has gone off on his little rants, he deletes the twitter post, probably because he might not want potential employers to see what he has posted.

Now, Levi page is blocked from my twitter account. That is SUPPOSED to mean that he cannot see my account unless he makes an ADDITIONAL effort to BYPASS that block.

Under normal circumstances, I would not be able to read his account either except for if he puts my @murtwitnessone in a twitter post.

Like many out there who own a Twitter account, I have mine set up so that if anyone mentions my username in a twitter post, I get a notification. I do this because people will send me a public message and it is a way for me to get these messages when I am off line and mobile. The messages come to my smartphones through my e-mail account.

I now draw the reader’s attention to the above twitter post. I was sent a DM a few days ago informing me that a dear friend and alleged victim of Levi Page and those who are part of his groupie sect had passed away.


I made a post regarding this development and then went about my own business.

I was a bit surprised to see a notification that Levi Page had tagged me in a twitter post in the wee hours of the morning (I would estimate around 3 am eastern) advising me that I should tell the family of my friend to remove a blog he does not like.

Levi seems to have a problem with blogs that post things he disagrees with or with ANY criticism he might receive.

Levi and his groupies have written false and defamatory blogs about me, the woman mentioned in my twitter posts and many others yet THEY refuse to remove those blogs.

Cries of “freedom of speech” arise from these people despite their calls for OTHERS to deny themselves their own freedoms of speech.

IF Levi Page had been paying attention to matters other than his bruised ego, he would have seen that the twitter account has been CLOSED and that the blog is either gone or otherwise not visible.


His asinine request to me was completely unnecessary.

The latest I had heard about Levi Page was that he was going to start webcasting again and had said he was going to cover a Trial of a Georgia man who was charged with crimes related to leaving his child in a hot car.

So, why doesn’t Levi concentrate on his on line webcasting and his career rather than the goings on of people on line who do not talk about him and care nothing about him?

That is the question I am asking.

Stay tuned


The wonderful weird world of Twitter took a new twist this morning when I saw this on my Twitter timeline.



Those of you who know the history between me and the Anthony’s might be puzzled by this, but I remind you of my post regarding the various Casey Anthony accounts that I wrote about previously.

It should become increasingly clear that the name that appears on the internet may not be the person the account represents. It is more likely the account belongs to a faker, a fraud.

Many people are getting blamed and criticized for things they did not say or did not do. There are fakers out there that create false content on the internet because their agendas are weak and the creators feel that lying is the only way to obtain power.

It is easy to accuse but much harder to prove.

Stay tuned


caseyphotogThere have been some strange goings on over the years involving Casey Anthony but this latest fiasco on Twitter certainly has to take the cake.

After being found not guilty of any of the charges lodged against her by the State of Florida, Casey Anthony has, over time, faded from the memories of the vast majority of the public except when  an occasional news story crops up about her or anyone involved in her case.

Recently, there were news reports about Casey Anthony starting a business as a professional photographer.

This is when the strangeness began. Around that time, a twitter account, purported to be Casey Anthony appeared to promote her new business.

caseyanthonytwitterWhat was not known until recently was that there was yet ANOTHER  Twitter account that also claimed to be the REAL Casey Anthony.

case1As is the usual case with things associated with Casey Anthony, a bit of an on line battle came about as those who did not think much of Casey chimed in and those few people who supported Casey weighed in to go back and forth with these accounts.

Then two things developed. The first thing was that one of the accounts came out with the claim that their account was NOT the real Casey Anthony but, instead, was a “Social Media” experiment.


What is strange, however is that after this disclaimer, the account holder continues to advertise their services as a professional photographer.


Then there is the THIRD twitter account. This twitter account also advertises Case Photography LLC (The legal name of Casey’s company) offering a special as well as providing a contact e-mail address which the other sites do not.



Also, on this third account is a link to the company website:

As of this writing there are rumors of at least two more “Case Photography” accounts being present on social media but I am unable to locate them at this time.

It is not clear if the REAL Casey Anthony is behind any of these accounts or if this is yet another example of trolls with too much time on their hands playing on line games at the expense of Casey Anthony and others who may have thought that at least one of the accounts was genuine.

One question remains. If ONE of these accounts is misrepresenting themselves as the REAL Casey Anthony or the REAL Case Photography LLC and they are not the real company, does this constitute fraud or false advertising?

The strange thing about all of this is that under Florida Law, Casey may have grounds to both press charges and file a civil lawsuit.

Now that would be a real bitch, wouldn’t it?

Stay tuned




candlesIt is with deep sadness that I have heard of the passing of a good friend. I only knew her as Nikki and I only knew her on line.

One of the remarkable things about on line life is how people can form close relationships with each other without ever physically meeting each other.

I never met Nikki in person. I only know her through our years of interaction on Twitter.

My condolences go out to her sister and both of their families.

Nikki will be missed by me and many others.


scaliaThe death of Judge Scalia brings out another problem besides the well discussed one of who gets to replace him. It is a problem that is largely overlooked by those running for president and those who have vowed to block President Obama’s ability to appoint a new justice of the supreme court.

It is likely that President Obama will not get a nominee confirmed before his term ends. If he manages to get a nominee confirmed, it will probably after a long and protracted battle by both political parties.

In the meantime there are a number of important cases set to come to the attention of the supreme court.

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association
Issue: Public sector union rights

Evenwel v. Abbott
Issue: One-person, one-vote

U.S. v. Texas
Issue: Whether states can challenge federal immigration policy

Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt
Issue: Abortion

ubik v. Burwell
Issue: Obamacare’s contraception mandate

As it stands, if there is no replacement for Scalia in the immediate future, the future of the above cases and others will lie NOT with the Supreme court but with the lower courts.

This is because in the event of a split vote between the conservative and liberal justices, the decisions by the lower courts would stand.

This would mean that the Liberals would win some important cases and the Conservatives could win some important cases as well.

It is therefore more important to watch the decisions of the lower courts as they now stand to be of much greater importance than those of the Supreme court.

Stay tuned


capts.jpgI have to admit that I am an avid Star Trek fan as well as of most other science fiction genre. I was therefore pleased to read in a recent article that William Shatner would be open to playing an “Aged” Captain James T Kirk in either an upcoming move or perhaps TV series.

This is not the first time reincarnations of lead characters in Star Trek has been done. The Move “In Search of Mr Spock.” is a prime example.

friendsI would suspect that many fans are now trying to figure out how the writers would pull off such a miracle. It actually would not be that hard. The new Star Trek movies are in an alternative timeline that has already changed history. It would be an easy task to write a scenario where the events that occurred in the movie ” Star Trek Generations.” either did not happen or that he survived the accident.


The nice thing about science fiction is that anything is possible. If Mr Shatner decides to return, it will be interesting to see how the Writers and Producers pull this one off.

Stay tuned