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Levi H Page does not seem to comprehend the English language or feels he has the right to attempt to engage people who do not wish to have anything to do with him.

Recently, Levi Page tagged my username in a post he made about a close internet friend who passed away earlier this month.

messagefromleviI sent Levi Page a direct message on Twitter informing him that I do not wish to have any contact with him and told him to quit tagging my username on Twitter.


Rather than doing the ETHICAL thing and move on, Mr Page once again tagged my username on Twitter. In certain circles in including his supporters, this would be defined as STALKING.

His post to me claims he has proof of the ownership of a certain blog. Why this matters is beyond me.


The person who  either owns or has owned the aforementioned blog is within their legal right to write their blog as millions of others have done. I am not concerned who owns that particular blog.

Mr. Page also demonstrates he is a hypocrite since he is one of those who defends the right of the  entity known as Radio to hide it’s/their identity.

I am therefore informing Mr Page once again to quit tagging my twitter username in his rants. It is a violation of Twitter terms of service and is also proof of his continued stalking of people who want nothing to do with him or those around him.


Levi Page announced recently that he was going back into webcasting and had said he was going to be covering subjects of interest in the true crime area.

I am sure there are enough people out there who will tune into his webcasts if he ever decides to live up to his announcements and start doing what he stated he was going to do.

With the warmer weather coming, Mr Page ought to go outdoors and get some exercise. There are things outside of the internet and it is about time he started exploring them.

Now that Mr Page and the rest of the internet is aware that I want nothing to do with him, I am moving on to real life and more productive pursuits.

This will be the LAST time I broach on the subject of this idiot and those who worship him.

Stay tuned