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caseyphotogThere have been some strange goings on over the years involving Casey Anthony but this latest fiasco on Twitter certainly has to take the cake.

After being found not guilty of any of the charges lodged against her by the State of Florida, Casey Anthony has, over time, faded from the memories of the vast majority of the public except when  an occasional news story crops up about her or anyone involved in her case.

Recently, there were news reports about Casey Anthony starting a business as a professional photographer.

This is when the strangeness began. Around that time, a twitter account, purported to be Casey Anthony appeared to promote her new business.

caseyanthonytwitterWhat was not known until recently was that there was yet ANOTHER  Twitter account that also claimed to be the REAL Casey Anthony.

case1As is the usual case with things associated with Casey Anthony, a bit of an on line battle came about as those who did not think much of Casey chimed in and those few people who supported Casey weighed in to go back and forth with these accounts.

Then two things developed. The first thing was that one of the accounts came out with the claim that their account was NOT the real Casey Anthony but, instead, was a “Social Media” experiment.


What is strange, however is that after this disclaimer, the account holder continues to advertise their services as a professional photographer.


Then there is the THIRD twitter account. This twitter account also advertises Case Photography LLC (The legal name of Casey’s company) offering a special as well as providing a contact e-mail address which the other sites do not.



Also, on this third account is a link to the company website:

As of this writing there are rumors of at least two more “Case Photography” accounts being present on social media but I am unable to locate them at this time.

It is not clear if the REAL Casey Anthony is behind any of these accounts or if this is yet another example of trolls with too much time on their hands playing on line games at the expense of Casey Anthony and others who may have thought that at least one of the accounts was genuine.

One question remains. If ONE of these accounts is misrepresenting themselves as the REAL Casey Anthony or the REAL Case Photography LLC and they are not the real company, does this constitute fraud or false advertising?

The strange thing about all of this is that under Florida Law, Casey may have grounds to both press charges and file a civil lawsuit.

Now that would be a real bitch, wouldn’t it?

Stay tuned