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I had made it abundantly clear this past new years eve that I have had enough of the petty squabbling that takes place on True Crime social media by the groupies and trolls that infest that genre. I had stated that I would no longer engage with or mention a certain group of trolls who seem to have nothing better to do than stalk people who want nothing to do with them.

Levi H Page is prominent among these group of mindless trolls.

Every once in a while, Mr Page would post something tagging accounts he is blocked from with his snide remarks in hopes the target will not ignore him and engage him. For some odd reason he seems to crave this kind of attention.

Levi does something else that is rather strange. Once he has gone off on his little rants, he deletes the twitter post, probably because he might not want potential employers to see what he has posted.

Now, Levi page is blocked from my twitter account. That is SUPPOSED to mean that he cannot see my account unless he makes an ADDITIONAL effort to BYPASS that block.

Under normal circumstances, I would not be able to read his account either except for if he puts my @murtwitnessone in a twitter post.

Like many out there who own a Twitter account, I have mine set up so that if anyone mentions my username in a twitter post, I get a notification. I do this because people will send me a public message and it is a way for me to get these messages when I am off line and mobile. The messages come to my smartphones through my e-mail account.

I now draw the reader’s attention to the above twitter post. I was sent a DM a few days ago informing me that a dear friend and alleged victim of Levi Page and those who are part of his groupie sect had passed away.


I made a post regarding this development and then went about my own business.

I was a bit surprised to see a notification that Levi Page had tagged me in a twitter post in the wee hours of the morning (I would estimate around 3 am eastern) advising me that I should tell the family of my friend to remove a blog he does not like.

Levi seems to have a problem with blogs that post things he disagrees with or with ANY criticism he might receive.

Levi and his groupies have written false and defamatory blogs about me, the woman mentioned in my twitter posts and many others yet THEY refuse to remove those blogs.

Cries of “freedom of speech” arise from these people despite their calls for OTHERS to deny themselves their own freedoms of speech.

IF Levi Page had been paying attention to matters other than his bruised ego, he would have seen that the twitter account has been CLOSED and that the blog is either gone or otherwise not visible.


His asinine request to me was completely unnecessary.

The latest I had heard about Levi Page was that he was going to start webcasting again and had said he was going to cover a Trial of a Georgia man who was charged with crimes related to leaving his child in a hot car.

So, why doesn’t Levi concentrate on his on line webcasting and his career rather than the goings on of people on line who do not talk about him and care nothing about him?

That is the question I am asking.

Stay tuned