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comptrollThe woman who owns at least a half dozen blogs aimed at attacking me and some others simply cannot live a life of her own and move on to more productive pursuits and GET A JOB is at it yet again.

gofundmeShe even stooped to begging for expenses (claiming that “a friend” set the account up) she claims to have incurred for an operation, in spite of owning a business where the hourly rate is quite high  in that field could have easily been done from her plush apartment. Also, in spite of the fact that under the affordable care act, virtually all of her medical expenses would be paid by the US government.

She seeks these funds while at the same time attacking people for doing the same, proving once again that she will defend her right to do things that she will NOT allow others to do.

This odd piece of work, whose name I will not mention because it only fulfills her need for  attention has spent the past 10 years accusing me of things that I have not done and things I have not said.

At NO time has this idiot ever offered even the slightest proof of what she claims. Instead, she has barged into where she was not welcome, bypassing password protected websites and archiving things she has no business having in her possession.

She has even stooped to mocking my fiance who has nothing to do with anything on the true crime internet genre.

Barging into other people’s business is something this woman and those around her have done for years. Some of these demented weirdos have gone as far as to look up my driving records as well as the OBITUARIES of my entire family. They have spied on members of my family including those who either were or currently are in the military.

They cannot stand people exercising their rights as afforded by the constitution of the United States and try anything to prevent people who disagree with their “standards” from even defending the attacks against them.

1stflagThe woman who seems to want to dictate the actions of those who are citizens of this country will not even bother to become a citizen herself. She remains a foreign national who is not even willing to abide by our constitution and our laws.

When confronted by legal challenges, the woman hides like a coward in order to avoid being ordered to court to answer for her actions.

One individual who claims a long period of harassment and defamation is trying to compel her to appear in court. Instead, it is alleged that she hides like the coward she is, unwilling to stand up for herself in a court of law.

The woman is probably under the mistaken impression that I am going to restart my decades long attempt to fight the deceptive actions by her and her entourage and to fight the lies that she continues to post against me.

I am not.

I am 65 years old. I am retired. I DO have a life out of the internet. I do NOT spend hours making sock accounts and writing blog after blog smearing the reputations of people I have never met and likely will never meet.

UNLIKE THEM, I have moved on. I have better things to do then fight a bunch of welfare queens who have no jobs or no lives of their own who spend the bulk of their time barging in to where they do not belong.


I am going to be exploring the world of science and technology on my new websites. I am no longer going to cover true crime cases on a regular basis.

The vast majority of people in the true crime social media genre are bloggers and webcasters with bloated egos who want to be the on line powerhouses rather than being sincere when it comes to caring about the crimes being committed in society and the victims of these crimes.

I will concentrate on my new website as well as other subjects of my interest as well as events and places in Central Florida.

I felt compelled to break my self imposed silence regarding the liars and stalkers that I announced in January after the cruel attack against the family of a recently deceased loved one by someone who apparently does not like the first amendment either.

Now that I have addressed these issues, I return to my self imposed silence when it comes to these bottom feeders.

So while the trolls troll, the haters hate, and the death wishers wish people death, I instead, move on to live life in the real world.

Stay tuned