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capts.jpgI have to admit that I am an avid Star Trek fan as well as of most other science fiction genre. I was therefore pleased to read in a recent article that William Shatner would be open to playing an “Aged” Captain James T Kirk in either an upcoming move or perhaps TV series.

This is not the first time reincarnations of lead characters in Star Trek has been done. The Move “In Search of Mr Spock.” is a prime example.

friendsI would suspect that many fans are now trying to figure out how the writers would pull off such a miracle. It actually would not be that hard. The new Star Trek movies are in an alternative timeline that has already changed history. It would be an easy task to write a scenario where the events that occurred in the movie ” Star Trek Generations.” either did not happen or that he survived the accident.


The nice thing about science fiction is that anything is possible. If Mr Shatner decides to return, it will be interesting to see how the Writers and Producers pull this one off.

Stay tuned