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olsenrecord2No matter how hard I try and ignore these trolls, they keep coming back to empower their empty lives. Now I have been ignoring Thomas Olsen for months. I have not discussed him or linked anything about him at all. I have also been silent about all my stalkers in spite of their almost daily mentions of me on their blogs and twitter accounts.

For some weird reason Thomas Olsen and another low life who threatened me when he lived in Central Florida are back trying to make themselves feel important.

Rather than use his known twitter account, Thomas Olsen felt compelled to use a new sock account to spew his childish nonsense.

I have made attempt after attempt to move away from the soap opera that the true crime social media spectrum has become. These morons can have their little kingdom. I have had enough.

The problem is that these bottom feeders do not have the ability to move on. More likely they are unemployed and living in recluse someplace living off of others.

That certainly must be the case since they are up after midnight eastern trolling people who are trying to live their lives and mind their own business.

This is something Olsen and those he hangs with are unable to do.

Stay tuned