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Monthly Archives: March 2016

A short time ago, I read a rather interesting post on Twitter made by an extremely Anonymous Atlanta Blogger. It identified a twitter account being the notorious @Souloangels.

“Vicious, Shit Stirring Sock Identified As Annie Rush!!”


Now, anyone who remembers the goings on over the years would remember @Souloangels and some of the things this person has said about me in some rather interesting places both on twitter and elsewhere.


So it is with this in mind that I have been waiting………..and waiting………and waiting to see what evidence the blogger has for making this breaking news announcement that it somehow was able to identify an Annonymous account as one of my staunchest foes that some how, some way, suddenly appeared as this other Anonymous “sock” account that has been making some interesting posts on Twitter.

So far there has been absolutely NOTHING from the blogger about this revelation which makes me wonder if it took one  of Goddard’s stupid pills.

There is another aspect to this revelation that bears a bit of discussion. As many know, this particular blogger goes out of it’s way to protect it’s true identity. It has an elaborate off shore account where it is next impossible to trace. Nobody has been able to social engineer who this person is and there is certainly NOBODY who has claimed to have met this person face to face.

Even a high profile atty from Florida has declared that she has ever met this person and has admitted that the person sounded “odd” on the one phone call she claims to have had with this mysterious Anonymous “person.”

So I am left to wonder why this Anonymous blogger would go out of it’s way to try and expose the identity of another Anonymous person? Are the rules of being Anonymous limited to this blogger and those it calls it’s friends and allies or is this Anonymous blogger demonstrating that it is  a hypocrite and will go out of it’s way to hunt down (stalk) the Anonymous accounts and reveal who they actually are or, at least who it THINKS it is.

The blogger has gone out of it’s way to mock those of us who have tried to find out who it is and also made a big issue out of how and why it has chosen to remain in the dark behind the Anonymous mask while making some outrageous and downright false statements and accusations.

What I did decide to do after hearing this breaking news was to go through my files and look up what information I had on this Ms Rush aka @SouloAlgels.

I then went and researched some CURRENT information about her and found out why nobody has heard a peep out of her in over a year.

I am certain that the curious among you out there will do your own digging and might be startled by what you may find.

Drop me a note at and let me know what you find out.

Happy hunting and in the meantime……….

Stay Tuned


I wonder why Goddard is so SCARED to admit that the Swatting incident and the so called “Fake Suicide” incidents  are SEPARATE. I guess she feels if she keeps telling the same lies over and over again people will be brainwashed into believing her.

What Goddard FAILS to point out in her brand new “archive site” (this has to be number 20) is the line where the dispatcher attempted to call the number left at dispatch and got the time and temp number for the State of Pennsylvania.


If we are to take Goddard at her word, she is now accusing a woman known as Imissthirdgrade of the following:

1: Using a device or method that gave a law enforcement agency a false caller identification number.

2: Making the false statement to law enforcement that “she was a niece of mine from the State of Pennsylvania.”

3:That I had stated in a phone call to her that I had a number of weapons in my house and threatened to kill myself.

4:Making a false police report of such a  serious nature as to cause no less than 6 patrol units of the Lake County Sheriff’s department to respond that what it considered a life threatening emergency.

5:Making this false report from the State of Pennsylvania making this a federal crime as well.

I suggest those who read this document HERE and on HER various blogs and forums to pay close attention to the details that were written by a senior deputy with the Lake County Sheriff’s department.

Since Goddard has made the claim that Imissedthirdgrade, made the call as described in THIS case, I will be forwarding this information along with the screenshot of the post she made accusing her of making that call to the above named deputy since this is still an open case.

Stay tuned




I expect some kind of excuse from my stalker to explain this “incident” but those who have known her for the past 15 years know that she has a history of bypassing blocks in order to promote her various blogs.

The person who sent the above post and link to me had me blocked for a time until “She” decided to follow me. She then took down her block and began unwanted contact with me. The first time was a snide remark regarding Deric and an Ohio woman I have had experiences with in the past.

With the latter, she and I have agreed to forget our past disagreements and have a cordial relationship.

Then earlier today, I get the unsolicited twitter post to yet ANOTHER blog my stalker has created to smear my reputation in the same manner she has done for at least the past 8 years and possibly longer.

In the blog she got many things completely wrong and other things she misrepresented the facts. She did this knowingly for the simple reason that she archived every second of my online webcasts as well as every single line of text from my chat sites.

It is within those archived chats that SHE has where she knows full well I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH about investigators installing something at my house that would allow them to collect any incoming data streams and remotely retrieve it.

A number of people checked this claim out and confirmed that it actually took place. Goddard did get an important piece of information wrong and it is probably on purpose.

I never said WHO it was that did the offenses that I went over in the recording Goddard put up. What I did do is to repeat what I was told BY LAW ENFORCEMENT what charges could be lodged against the person or persons who did the hacking.

Those who read Goddard’s blog might notice that she did NOT mention THIS incident. Care to wonder WHY?


This was one of TWO swatting style incidents that took place and one of the reasons law enforcement chose to take the course of action that Goddard mocks in her recent blog.

Goddard also FAILED to include the fact that a reporter from WKMG tv, a CBS affiliate from Orlando, WITNESSED the hacking for himself and immediately called me with the content that was being inserted into my website.

As I have said in my prior blog posts, The readers of this blog are more then welcome to call the law enforcement agencies and find out for THEMSELVES what is the truth and what is not. Florida has one of the most open record laws in the country. Public records including those of law enforcement are easy to get.




Another fact that Goddard leaves out of her tirade is that the spokeswoman for the Duckett family went on record admitting that the DM’s were a hoax.

Michelle McKee immediately attacked the woman in retaliation for this act and vowed to cause her to be investigated as a party to the demise of Trenton Duckett.

These are what became known as the “signatory” posts.

There have been SEVERAL times that McKee and others have attacked this woman for the sole reason that she came to my aid in order to get out the TRUTH.

There are numerous people who were in the inner circle of Goddard’s Forum that left due to her antics. Goddard knows who they are and there are others who know who they are as well. A Georgia based blog is one of those who knows because it falsely accused the woman of being behind an Anonymous twitter account.

Many of these women (and at least one male) archived the now defunct websites along with the “members only” areas where some highly questionable exchanges of “information” took place.

Goddard attacked them, wishing their illnesses to get worse and for a handicapped woman to die.

At some point, one or more of these individuals will release this information and then the TRUTH about Goddard may finally come out.

Until then

Stay tuned




I hear yet another nut case is lying about me yet again although THIS time there is LAW ENFORCEMENT PROOF to back me up.

I have explained the details of the so called “fake suicide” but Michelle always leaves those details OUT of her tirades.

The simple fact of the matter is that there was NO intended fake suicide. The whole thing was an accident.

Now, Michelle knows FULL WELL there was ANOTHER incident that took place AFTER the so called “Fake Suicide.” THIS is the SWATTING incident I referred to in my article.



I have printed on SEVERAL occasions the complete police report ALONG WITH THE CASE NUMBER. I have told ANYONE who doubts my story to call the Lake County Sheriff’s office and request the appropriate information for themselves.


Michelle also called the police agency investigating what happened to Trenton Duckett an attempted to implicate me in the case. This occurred long before I knew she was defaming me and she kept at it AFTER I found out who she was until the agency told her to quit bothering them.


Michelle has a remarkable history. I will let her words speak for themselves as well as those who have mocked her in the past and still do so behind her back.

I start with her wishing me dead and with her offering sex in return for violence (PROSTITUTION). Now if I had done to same to her, there would have been hell to pay.


Even those who are not on my side do not think much of

Michelle. They go on her side for a time and then tell the truth about her behind her back as these few of many examples demonstrate.


Even someone who strongly attacked me has a lot to say about her:

I could go on, of course as Michelle has her own share of detractors and among them are those she thinks are her friends and allies.

She is likely as hated as much as she claims I am. So, before you, kind reader, take any of her rantings to heart, you may want to do some research on Ms McKee as well.

I may not be Mr Perfect but she is certainly not Ms Perfect.

Stay tuned


peaceAlmost immediately after writing the blog about the Ohio nutcase stalking me, I was made aware of another intense on line battle coming to an end.

Many know the story and the names of the two parties involved. Things started coming to a head over the past few days but came to a screeching halt with the announcement that both parties decided to remove all of the bad things they said to each other and call it quits.

They had extensive private conversations between each other, understood the adverse effects that these actions had and also learned that certain things were true and people were unfairly attacked by those who refused to believe these truths.

I for one, am happy to see a good outcome. I am happy to see that two bitter enemies can decide to come to an agreement to stop the fight and move on with their respective lives.

Now if only others out there could become adults, suck it up, make amends and move on, it might go a long ways to having everyone move on with their respective lives.

One can always hope.

Stay tuned



I see the nut case is at it yet again. It has written a blog accusing me of being directly involved in the recent twitter squabble between her,  a former Anonymous member and other former associates.

I am a bit puzzled at what benefit would befall me if I were to get in the middle of this weird little spat. If her current target decides to sue her, I do not expect to see anything coming my way other than a bit of on line entertainment.

The nutcase seems to think I have some power that would cause me to call various out of state government officials in order to invoke my so called abilities to influence anything in any way.

The sad fact of all of this is that the nutcase seems obsessed with me as it has been for at least a decade. I have tried to ignore her and still ignore her along with the other fruit loops that get sucked into her butt hurt psychodrama but she insists on writing her nonsensical blogs that some “anonymous” sock accounts insist of making sure I see them.

Now this nutcase is supposed to have a business to operate as well as a number of other personal issues to take care of so I do not understand this persistent need to draw me into the nonsense that has been going on, on line recently.

Once again, the nutcase makes false accusations against me, without proof, as always, and then makes twisted claims when I respond to her lies.

For instance, the nutcase brings up her non resident status that I have mentioned and labeled it as a smear against all immigrants.

What I TRIED to get across to this nutcase which she clearly refuses to understand is that there is a CONSTITUTION that all of us, citizens or not, live under. This also includes certain rights afforded to all of us.

What set this decades long stalking of me was the FALSE claim that I actively sought donations when covering the Caylee Anthony searches.

She made the outrageous claim that I started my webcasts in order to make money off a missing and now dead child. She apparently does not care if the national media millions off all kinds of crimes and their victims.

When I defend myself against her accusations, I get labeled a stalker. Go figure.

What this nut neglects to leave out of her tirade is that IF I were asking for donations, IT IS COMPLETELY LEGAL under US and FL laws. Furthermore I would NOT have to register as a non profit or any other organization since the so called donation pleas were PERSONAL and not on behalf of any other party.

The nutcase should know this since she has at least once had solicited donations for HERSELF under the guise that she needed to cover personal expenses as a result of necessary surgery.

The POINT I was trying to make is that IF she is going to question the rights of a US citizen in her blogs then perhaps she should take the time to become a citizen herself.

If Goddard were to study US history she might come to realize that we are ALL resident aliens US born or not. The only true citizens in this country are NATIVE AMERICANS.

I am once again going to go back to living life  away from the petty arguments that are still going on. It is absolutely clear that the nutcase from Ohio and those around her do not intend to let things go.

That is their choice but by making these choices, she and they are showing the world who the true drama queens actually are.

Stay tuned




While making the rounds on Facebook this evening, I came across this image being shared on my timeline. I thought the claim that President Obama did not order the flag lowered since I had seen the proclamation he made on the White House website.

proclamationTo be certain, I went and looked it up and lo and behold, there it is for all to see.

The problem here is that nobody is going to bother to check this fact out for the simple reason they do not like Obama.

This is why lies are so easy to spread on the internet. If the intended audience is biased against the person or subject being posted about, they are not going to bother to check to see if it is true or not.

In fact, what IS true is that those who have a negative bias simply will not care about the truth. They will dismiss the truth outright for they refuse to be proven wrong.

For them it is better to believe a lie than have to admit to the truth, thus the false narratives keep being replicated and new suckers to the lies are drawn in.

Such is the truth about the decay of the internet.

Stay tuned


s7vrI am now starting to actively blog on my other website. Be sure to go over there and read about my new adventures in the wild and wonderful world of Virtual Reality.

Stay Tuned


afterstormIt is said that there are those days in one’s life that comes along that could lead to a profound experience or change. Today has been one of those days. A lot of things have happened to me that may or may not mean a little sunshine after the thunderstorm.

There has been, however, an awakening of sorts. The recent events have given me new insight of the stormy past of both my life and that of others.

Over the years lives have been intermingled for better or worse between those who are known and those who are strangers.

These long standing experiences may well lead to an apex of change.

Will that change be monumental? Only time and the actions of several will tell.

In the meantime…..

Stay tuned



A few hours prior to this writing, I spoke to a Detective Ratcliff of the Stalking and Cyber Crimes division of the Ohio DA’s office. The detective clearly stated that AT THE TIME SHE FILED THE REPORT, Ms Goddard was informed that there was NO evidence of the accusations she made in the incident report.


The detective informed Ms Goddard that THERE WOULD BE NO INVESTIGATION now or ever.

I find this rather curious because it was clearly states that she was filing charges. This was on March 2, 2016. It is now March 9, 2016 which means that Goddard knew full well that she had been informed that her charges had no merit yet she allowed the false information to remain on the internet for more than a week.

This was, at the very least, a lie of omission.

Goddard claims to be a legal expert as has been written an number of times on her various blogs and websites as well as  on her business website.

Ms Goddard and her supporters have made many false accusations regarding Twitter sock accounts created that she alleges for the sole purpose of attacking her character and reputation.

Not one wit of proof has been offered by Ms Goddard or any of her supporters. In spite of this, Ms Goddard decided to go forth what is clearly an abuse of the judicial system in the same manner as she has accused others of doing.

Despite what Ms Goddard continues to claim, I have made it clear that I no longer care about her or her antics. I do not discuss Ms. Goddard or anyone else in her circle of friends either. I have moved on to other subjects or have at least tried to.

Every so often, one of her worshipers will come out of the woodwork and start their trolling games in spite of my refusal to participate in their spamming of my twitter account.

At the end of our discussion regarding Ms Goddard’s incident report, the Detective was kind enough to give me instructions as to how to obtain a copy of that report.

I am in the process of filing a FOIA request for the document and will weigh my options upon receipt.

Stay tuned