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I expect some kind of excuse from my stalker to explain this “incident” but those who have known her for the past 15 years know that she has a history of bypassing blocks in order to promote her various blogs.

The person who sent the above post and link to me had me blocked for a time until “She” decided to follow me. She then took down her block and began unwanted contact with me. The first time was a snide remark regarding Deric and an Ohio woman I have had experiences with in the past.

With the latter, she and I have agreed to forget our past disagreements and have a cordial relationship.

Then earlier today, I get the unsolicited twitter post to yet ANOTHER blog my stalker has created to smear my reputation in the same manner she has done for at least the past 8 years and possibly longer.

In the blog she got many things completely wrong and other things she misrepresented the facts. She did this knowingly for the simple reason that she archived every second of my online webcasts as well as every single line of text from my chat sites.

It is within those archived chats that SHE has where she knows full well I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH about investigators installing something at my house that would allow them to collect any incoming data streams and remotely retrieve it.

A number of people checked this claim out and confirmed that it actually took place. Goddard did get an important piece of information wrong and it is probably on purpose.

I never said WHO it was that did the offenses that I went over in the recording Goddard put up. What I did do is to repeat what I was told BY LAW ENFORCEMENT what charges could be lodged against the person or persons who did the hacking.

Those who read Goddard’s blog might notice that she did NOT mention THIS incident. Care to wonder WHY?


This was one of TWO swatting style incidents that took place and one of the reasons law enforcement chose to take the course of action that Goddard mocks in her recent blog.

Goddard also FAILED to include the fact that a reporter from WKMG tv, a CBS affiliate from Orlando, WITNESSED the hacking for himself and immediately called me with the content that was being inserted into my website.

As I have said in my prior blog posts, The readers of this blog are more then welcome to call the law enforcement agencies and find out for THEMSELVES what is the truth and what is not. Florida has one of the most open record laws in the country. Public records including those of law enforcement are easy to get.




Another fact that Goddard leaves out of her tirade is that the spokeswoman for the Duckett family went on record admitting that the DM’s were a hoax.

Michelle McKee immediately attacked the woman in retaliation for this act and vowed to cause her to be investigated as a party to the demise of Trenton Duckett.

These are what became known as the “signatory” posts.

There have been SEVERAL times that McKee and others have attacked this woman for the sole reason that she came to my aid in order to get out the TRUTH.

There are numerous people who were in the inner circle of Goddard’s Forum that left due to her antics. Goddard knows who they are and there are others who know who they are as well. A Georgia based blog is one of those who knows because it falsely accused the woman of being behind an Anonymous twitter account.

Many of these women (and at least one male) archived the now defunct websites along with the “members only” areas where some highly questionable exchanges of “information” took place.

Goddard attacked them, wishing their illnesses to get worse and for a handicapped woman to die.

At some point, one or more of these individuals will release this information and then the TRUTH about Goddard may finally come out.

Until then

Stay tuned