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A short time ago, I read a rather interesting post on Twitter made by an extremely Anonymous Atlanta Blogger. It identified a twitter account being the notorious @Souloangels.

“Vicious, Shit Stirring Sock Identified As Annie Rush!!”


Now, anyone who remembers the goings on over the years would remember @Souloangels and some of the things this person has said about me in some rather interesting places both on twitter and elsewhere.


So it is with this in mind that I have been waiting………..and waiting………and waiting to see what evidence the blogger has for making this breaking news announcement that it somehow was able to identify an Annonymous account as one of my staunchest foes that some how, some way, suddenly appeared as this other Anonymous “sock” account that has been making some interesting posts on Twitter.

So far there has been absolutely NOTHING from the blogger about this revelation which makes me wonder if it took one  of Goddard’s stupid pills.

There is another aspect to this revelation that bears a bit of discussion. As many know, this particular blogger goes out of it’s way to protect it’s true identity. It has an elaborate off shore account where it is next impossible to trace. Nobody has been able to social engineer who this person is and there is certainly NOBODY who has claimed to have met this person face to face.

Even a high profile atty from Florida has declared that she has ever met this person and has admitted that the person sounded “odd” on the one phone call she claims to have had with this mysterious Anonymous “person.”

So I am left to wonder why this Anonymous blogger would go out of it’s way to try and expose the identity of another Anonymous person? Are the rules of being Anonymous limited to this blogger and those it calls it’s friends and allies or is this Anonymous blogger demonstrating that it is  a hypocrite and will go out of it’s way to hunt down (stalk) the Anonymous accounts and reveal who they actually are or, at least who it THINKS it is.

The blogger has gone out of it’s way to mock those of us who have tried to find out who it is and also made a big issue out of how and why it has chosen to remain in the dark behind the Anonymous mask while making some outrageous and downright false statements and accusations.

What I did decide to do after hearing this breaking news was to go through my files and look up what information I had on this Ms Rush aka @SouloAlgels.

I then went and researched some CURRENT information about her and found out why nobody has heard a peep out of her in over a year.

I am certain that the curious among you out there will do your own digging and might be startled by what you may find.

Drop me a note at and let me know what you find out.

Happy hunting and in the meantime……….

Stay Tuned