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peaceAlmost immediately after writing the blog about the Ohio nutcase stalking me, I was made aware of another intense on line battle coming to an end.

Many know the story and the names of the two parties involved. Things started coming to a head over the past few days but came to a screeching halt with the announcement that both parties decided to remove all of the bad things they said to each other and call it quits.

They had extensive private conversations between each other, understood the adverse effects that these actions had and also learned that certain things were true and people were unfairly attacked by those who refused to believe these truths.

I for one, am happy to see a good outcome. I am happy to see that two bitter enemies can decide to come to an agreement to stop the fight and move on with their respective lives.

Now if only others out there could become adults, suck it up, make amends and move on, it might go a long ways to having everyone move on with their respective lives.

One can always hope.

Stay tuned