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I wonder why Goddard is so SCARED to admit that the Swatting incident and the so called “Fake Suicide” incidents¬† are SEPARATE. I guess she feels if she keeps telling the same lies over and over again people will be brainwashed into believing her.

What Goddard FAILS to point out in her brand new “archive site” (this has to be number 20) is the line where the dispatcher attempted to call the number left at dispatch and got the time and temp number for the State of Pennsylvania.


If we are to take Goddard at her word, she is now accusing a woman known as Imissthirdgrade of the following:

1: Using a device or method that gave a law enforcement agency a false caller identification number.

2: Making the false statement to law enforcement that “she was a niece of mine from the State of Pennsylvania.”

3:That I had stated in a phone call to her that I had a number of weapons in my house and threatened to kill myself.

4:Making a false police report of such a¬† serious nature as to cause no less than 6 patrol units of the Lake County Sheriff’s department to respond that what it considered a life threatening emergency.

5:Making this false report from the State of Pennsylvania making this a federal crime as well.

I suggest those who read this document HERE and on HER various blogs and forums to pay close attention to the details that were written by a senior deputy with the Lake County Sheriff’s department.

Since Goddard has made the claim that Imissedthirdgrade, made the call as described in THIS case, I will be forwarding this information along with the screenshot of the post she made accusing her of making that call to the above named deputy since this is still an open case.

Stay tuned