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I see the nut case is at it yet again. It has written a blog accusing me of being directly involved in the recent twitter squabble between her,  a former Anonymous member and other former associates.

I am a bit puzzled at what benefit would befall me if I were to get in the middle of this weird little spat. If her current target decides to sue her, I do not expect to see anything coming my way other than a bit of on line entertainment.

The nutcase seems to think I have some power that would cause me to call various out of state government officials in order to invoke my so called abilities to influence anything in any way.

The sad fact of all of this is that the nutcase seems obsessed with me as it has been for at least a decade. I have tried to ignore her and still ignore her along with the other fruit loops that get sucked into her butt hurt psychodrama but she insists on writing her nonsensical blogs that some “anonymous” sock accounts insist of making sure I see them.

Now this nutcase is supposed to have a business to operate as well as a number of other personal issues to take care of so I do not understand this persistent need to draw me into the nonsense that has been going on, on line recently.

Once again, the nutcase makes false accusations against me, without proof, as always, and then makes twisted claims when I respond to her lies.

For instance, the nutcase brings up her non resident status that I have mentioned and labeled it as a smear against all immigrants.

What I TRIED to get across to this nutcase which she clearly refuses to understand is that there is a CONSTITUTION that all of us, citizens or not, live under. This also includes certain rights afforded to all of us.

What set this decades long stalking of me was the FALSE claim that I actively sought donations when covering the Caylee Anthony searches.

She made the outrageous claim that I started my webcasts in order to make money off a missing and now dead child. She apparently does not care if the national media millions off all kinds of crimes and their victims.

When I defend myself against her accusations, I get labeled a stalker. Go figure.

What this nut neglects to leave out of her tirade is that IF I were asking for donations, IT IS COMPLETELY LEGAL under US and FL laws. Furthermore I would NOT have to register as a non profit or any other organization since the so called donation pleas were PERSONAL and not on behalf of any other party.

The nutcase should know this since she has at least once had solicited donations for HERSELF under the guise that she needed to cover personal expenses as a result of necessary surgery.

The POINT I was trying to make is that IF she is going to question the rights of a US citizen in her blogs then perhaps she should take the time to become a citizen herself.

If Goddard were to study US history she might come to realize that we are ALL resident aliens US born or not. The only true citizens in this country are NATIVE AMERICANS.

I am once again going to go back to living life  away from the petty arguments that are still going on. It is absolutely clear that the nutcase from Ohio and those around her do not intend to let things go.

That is their choice but by making these choices, she and they are showing the world who the true drama queens actually are.

Stay tuned