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CRIMINALCHARGESWell…..shit……..I guess all the plans that I made for 2016 that had to do with ignoring the trolls and moving on with my life just came to a screeching halt if the post above is true. As noted in the twitter posts above, a number of other individuals might be joining me in the big house. Perhaps we can all form a bridge club in spite of the fact I do not know how to play bridge.

columbus2According to what the self defined Nancy Drew of the internet, Michelle Linn or is that Lynne Mckee, posted on twitter that an Ohio based blogger by the name of Sandra H Goddard has gone running to her local da with who the hell knows what to back up whatever lies she has decided to impose on the highly busy District Atty’s district that serves the city where she may or may not reside.


According to MS. Mckee the DA has started an investigation to press charges for whatever crimes have been fabricated by Ms. Goddard.

lcpdstation.jpgOf course, this bunch has been trying to put me in jail for at least a decade. At least one of them called the Leesburg Florida police department and claimed that I KILLED Trenton Duckett although every law enforcement agency that investigated the case pinned the crime on his biological mother who inconveniently committed suicide after appearing on Nancy Grace’s shout and snarl tv show.

haleighAnother nut case recently came out with the declaration that I killed Haleigh Cummings. I wonder who I am going to be accused of killing next?

hulutvPerhaps I fell into the time portal of a diner in Maine and talked Lee Harvey Oswald to do the deed or perhaps framed him for it.

secret.jpgIf Michelle McKee thinks I went through that time portal, she might want to call the Secret Service in Washington, DC. Who knows? Someone there probably has my name on file already.

 Maybe that is the reason Mr King wrote the book and made a miniseries about it now airing on Hulutv.

Oh, and then there are the mysterious Private messages that Goddard and company have been passing around for all the simplistic morons they managed to gather around them to read and attack me over, some of which have some rather interesting criminal backgrounds.

I am a bit puzzled as to what these so called charges would be so I will be calling that DA to offer to make any information he/she may need in order to put my ass in Jail. I have a BIG folder ready to help the DA with the investigation. One includes the ENTIRE contents of a private forum/blog combination that people think vanished off of the internet along with some sworn depositions of a few people who “infiltrated” that website and can attest to the validity of what has been archived.

That same folder will also contain the complete archive of the many blogs that have been written about me and just about everyone who has made the sad mistake of calling me a friend.

Since this is a criminal proceeding, I will also be providing to that official, if so requested, EVERY conversation that I have had with a rather well known South Florida Atty some of which that official might find quite interesting.

In the course of the official’s investigation, there will be court orders, discovery requests and demands from websites such as Twitter, blogger AND WordPress and others for the identification of the owner or owners of those properties since they are witness before during and after the facts having to do with any of my actions real or imaginary.

The DA will likely be hearing from someone that I do not discuss on any public social media website. This woman and her associates have been informed of the above twitter posts and are preparing to make a trip to Ohio to discuss the matter in person.

I suspect that this will be a rather interesting meeting.

So, unless I find my ass locked up in jail in some far off state……….

Stay Tuned