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A few hours prior to this writing, I spoke to a Detective Ratcliff of the Stalking and Cyber Crimes division of the Ohio DA’s office. The detective clearly stated that AT THE TIME SHE FILED THE REPORT, Ms Goddard was informed that there was NO evidence of the accusations she made in the incident report.


The detective informed Ms Goddard that THERE WOULD BE NO INVESTIGATION now or ever.

I find this rather curious because it was clearly states that she was filing charges. This was on March 2, 2016. It is now March 9, 2016 which means that Goddard knew full well that she had been informed that her charges had no merit yet she allowed the false information to remain on the internet for more than a week.

This was, at the very least, a lie of omission.

Goddard claims to be a legal expert as has been written an number of times on her various blogs and websites as well asĀ  on her business website.

Ms Goddard and her supporters have made many false accusations regarding Twitter sock accounts created that she alleges for the sole purpose of attacking her character and reputation.

Not one wit of proof has been offered by Ms Goddard or any of her supporters. In spite of this, Ms Goddard decided to go forth what is clearly an abuse of the judicial system in the same manner as she has accused others of doing.

Despite what Ms Goddard continues to claim, I have made it clear that I no longer care about her or her antics. I do not discuss Ms. Goddard or anyone else in her circle of friends either. I have moved on to other subjects or have at least tried to.

Every so often, one of her worshipers will come out of the woodwork and start their trolling games in spite of my refusal to participate in their spamming of my twitter account.

At the end of our discussion regarding Ms Goddard’s incident report, the Detective was kind enough to give me instructions as to how to obtain a copy of that report.

I am in the process of filing a FOIA request for the document and will weigh my options upon receipt.

Stay tuned