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I hear yet another nut case is lying about me yet again although THIS time there is LAW ENFORCEMENT PROOF to back me up.

I have explained the details of the so called “fake suicide” but Michelle always leaves those details OUT of her tirades.

The simple fact of the matter is that there was NO intended fake suicide. The whole thing was an accident.

Now, Michelle knows FULL WELL there was ANOTHER incident that took place AFTER the so called “Fake Suicide.” THIS is the SWATTING incident I referred to in my article.



I have printed on SEVERAL occasions the complete police report ALONG WITH THE CASE NUMBER. I have told ANYONE who doubts my story to call the Lake County Sheriff’s office and request the appropriate information for themselves.


Michelle also called the police agency investigating what happened to Trenton Duckett an attempted to implicate me in the case. This occurred long before I knew she was defaming me and she kept at it AFTER I found out who she was until the agency told her to quit bothering them.


Michelle has a remarkable history. I will let her words speak for themselves as well as those who have mocked her in the past and still do so behind her back.

I start with her wishing me dead and with her offering sex in return for violence (PROSTITUTION). Now if I had done to same to her, there would have been hell to pay.


Even those who are not on my side do not think much of

Michelle. They go on her side for a time and then tell the truth about her behind her back as these few of many examples demonstrate.


Even someone who strongly attacked me has a lot to say about her:

I could go on, of course as Michelle has her own share of detractors and among them are those she thinks are her friends and allies.

She is likely as hated as much as she claims I am. So, before you, kind reader, take any of her rantings to heart, you may want to do some research on Ms McKee as well.

I may not be Mr Perfect but she is certainly not Ms Perfect.

Stay tuned