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It did not take long for those who are waiting with baited breath for me to make the trip to the Ohio big house to serve what would likely be a death sentence. The bloggers are blogging and the tweeters are tweeting.

On one blog that has been leading the charge against me had a person who made this interesting little comment”

“Uh oh Murt, not so fast. Internet content can be altered. You said so.”

Well, gee, golly darn. I had a long and hard battle with a number of people on the internet who used content that I claimed had either been created out of thin air or ALTERED.

These people mocked me for making these claims and even blogged about them.

This does create somewhat of a quandary for Ms Goddard since virtually ALL of the evidence she has against me and the others in her complaint to the Ohio DA comes from the internet.

This is a classic example of She said, THEY said.

It looks like this case may hinge on which side the DA decides to settle, the Complainer or the defendants.

So, until the day my freedom ends………IF it does:

Stay tuned