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appchiDay one has passed and I am still free as that great bird flying in the clear (wherever I might be at this moment) night sky.


Michelle McKee did announce that I am being charged with criminal stalking along with some other folks. There is a slight piece of irony, however.

The tweet is GONE, vanished, went poof, was either erased or other disappeared off the Twitterverse.

I would think that Michelle would want to announce  to the world that the infamous Mr. Murt, the one Goddard calls Capt. Crazy Pants, a Pedophile and so on and so forth was FINALLY being charged with what she has been accusing me of for the past 10 or so years.

So, it is an interesting puzzle as to why the above post has vanished off of Twitter. Was she hacked or was another reason for the abrupt deletion of that rather telling pronouncement.

I am certain that someone will fill us all in as to the reason the post was deleted. It is out there on the internet, now, in the form of the above screen shot, just as are the famous screenshots of the alleged DM’s that have been used to attack me for several years.

I now bask in the knowledge that I have passed through day one of my countdown to the loss of my freedom.

How many days will I remain free?

Stay tuned