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Since it looks like I may be losing my freedom due to the filing of charges by Alexandra H Goddard and wind up getting three squares and a cot, I am ending my self imposed moratorium that I announced in January.


I had thought that if I were to leave the trolls and the stalkers to their own devices, I would be able to move on and delve into matters outside of the decades long feud against these morons.

With Alex OR Sandi Goddard (she has been known to go by both first names) announcing that she is requesting the Ohio DA’s office to pursue a criminal investigation against me and their apparent intent to do just that, any incentive for me to shut up and move on just went out the window.


So, as the countdown towards the day when my loss of freedom takes place, I will address the issues surrounding how I found myself in this little mess that Ms Goddard has put me in.

It just might make an interesting book as well. Time to read up on things over at

Stay tuned