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oops.jpgHave you ever followed someone on Twitter or read their twitter logs and read something that caught your attention? Have you then either shared the post with someone or gone back to where it was posted only to see it vanish?

silence2In other cases, have you gone to that same account and find the contents completely vanish to be replaced by the blue circle of death? Then, in a short period of time, the account returns with only a post or two?

If so, you have witnessed what is known as a Twitter wipe out. In the latter instances, someone will completely clear out their twitter history and start all over from scratch.

twitter2There are a number of reasons for people doing this but the primary reason is to either hide mistakes they made in the past or to make a better impression for potential employers who are now more frequently investigating the social media accounts of those they may or may not hire.

In some cases, pending legal actions may be behind the wipe outs as false accusations and questionable content posts go away with the push of the delete button.

As people begin to realize the ramifications of what they post on the internet, these kinds of deletions will become more commonplace.

There is one drawback however. Those who  have been in the receiving end of some of that content may have taken the precaution of archiving the content before the deletion cycles were completed.

It would have been wiser to not have posted the deleted the content in the first place.

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