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There has been an ongoing feud going on between me and a number of Anonymous supporters of mine over the past year or so. One by one these supporters have expressed their anger at me and have moved on.

A number of people have asked what has caused this dramatic rift between me and those whom I had considered good friends.


The primary reason for their departure is my alleged association with noted Atty Kim Pikazio who resides in and practices law in Southeast Florida.


The one thing that these former supporters have in common is their strong support of Timothy Holmseth and their deep resentment of Kim Pikazio.

Each of these individuals have expressed their belief that I am working FOR Kim Pikazio to destroy Tim Holmseth or at least get him the hell off of the internet.

When I point out to these former supporters the relentless attacks that I have endured from those who support Kim Pikazio, Levi Page and the others that are after Tim Holmseth, they declare that it is all a big fraud. They claim that it is a ruse to trick them into either give me information that Kim could use to get them charged with one or more crimes or to sue them into bankruptcy.

Now, I have to declare that no such association exists. As or right now the opposite is true. I am no friend, employee, contractor or ally of Kim Pikazio. I have expressed to her on several occasions my strong objections to her actions.

Strange as it seems, Ms Pikazio has agreed to disagree with me and has not tried to induce the kind of backlash I have had to endure from those who are her clients and supporters. That is, at least, in the open.

I do not expect this blog to change any minds or alter any actions from either side. It is, however, my story and I am sticking to it.

Stay tuned