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While making the rounds on Facebook this evening, I came across this image being shared on my timeline. I thought the claim that President Obama did not order the flag lowered since I had seen the proclamation he made on the White House website.

proclamationTo be certain, I went and looked it up and lo and behold, there it is for all to see.

The problem here is that nobody is going to bother to check this fact out for the simple reason they do not like Obama.

This is why lies are so easy to spread on the internet. If the intended audience is biased against the person or subject being posted about, they are not going to bother to check to see if it is true or not.

In fact, what IS true is that those who have a negative bias simply will not care about the truth. They will dismiss the truth outright for they refuse to be proven wrong.

For them it is better to believe a lie than have to admit to the truth, thus the false narratives keep being replicated and new suckers to the lies are drawn in.

Such is the truth about the decay of the internet.

Stay tuned