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Monthly Archives: April 2016

maletroll.jpgWhile most of us are out in the real world enjoying a warm spring day, there are those mysterious reclusive personalities hold up in a dark room or basement someplace tweeting nonsense, in this latest case, for almost three hours as of this writing.

While outside doing various things away from the internet, I was getting notification after notification on my Galaxy Edge.

Apparently a troll with too much time on it’s hands decided to become friends of people on all sides of an ongoing internet dispute. The group included both my friends and foes and also the friends and foes of Tim Holmseth as well as a number of others prominent in the various on disputes that have taken place over the years.

While the trolls have been creative with their antics in the past, this latest one is both a new and interesting twist.

Trying to figure out whose side this troll is on and not on is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Fundamental posts by this “individual” point out that I am the target of it’s wrath. No surprise there. SammyinFl seems to be on the shit list as well even though we had a falling out quite a long time ago.

This just goes to show that there are some people are so desperate for attention that they will resort to some rather odd tactics to fulfill their addiction.

If nothing else, this latest troll and it’s rant provides some interesting entertainment in what otherwise has been a rather dull and routine Saturday.

Stay tuned



The haters have been waffling as of late. For some strange reason they have decided to attack two women who have absolutely nothing to do with any of them. The only reason they are being attacked by the haters is that they do not think much of Casey Anthony and those who make money off of the death of Caylee Anthony.

Rather than attack the women directly, the haters go after their offspring who the haters allege have gotten into some legal difficulty.

I find this sudden shift to being law and order advocates rather odd since they have “glorified” criminal behavior in the past.

Take for example some of the criminal actions that took place during the involvement of “armchair detectives” in the Big Red Rape case. The hacking of websites and similar criminal actions were glorified because it was “for the common good” and thus justified in their minds.

Then there were the several alleged criminal actions of one of their more prominent  “heroes.” This individual was charged with Stealing a truck, a GUN and thousands of dollars from his own family.

Rather than writing a scathing article about how the parents were to blame for his conduct, the haters actually came to his defense and believed his story that the whole thing was “simply a family misunderstanding” and placed the principal blame on an overly strict father.

Now to be clear, I am not endorsing any criminal behavior that may have engaged in by the offspring of the women in question. If the offspring broke the law, they should answer for their actions.

Thousands and thousands of parents and guardians are faced with the same problem each day. They try and raise their children to be law abiding but despite their best efforts, the children get themselves into trouble.

IF the haters are the law and order advocates they claim to be, then they should show that to be true by NOT coming to the defense of one of their heroes breaks some rather serious laws.

Otherwise they are guilty of “glorifying criminal behavior” rather than their targets as they falsely claim.


One of the things I have noticed lately is the trouble certain individuals go through to monitor Twitter accounts and the posts that are made on them. I speak, of course, of the obsessive trolls who seemed to have taken an acute interest what I post there even when the topic of conversation has nothing to do with them.

The topic of the posts is nothing more than a description of my routine from one day to the next.

For example:


I am not certain what is contained in these postings that make them worthy of an entire blog. But then, it is hard to get into the mind of the fool(s) who wrote the blog in the first place.

The blog in question exists mainly to trash the targets of it’s wrath and nothing more.

It writes the articles under the guise of Sarcasm and Satire but the true goal of cyber abuse is evident as they do not pass muster for what defines sarcasm and satire.

In addition to this rather odd blogger are a number of queer minded trolls who hang onto every word that I post on my various accounts.

One nut case has even started an “archive” of everything I have ever written, or in some cases, what I have been ACCUSED of writing (with no proof to back up those claims, of course) for whatever demented purposes she has in mind.

When asked what are the motivates behind why these people to do these kinds of things, the only answer I can think of is that they have no lives outside of their own.

These kind of people have nothing creative to offer and thus find fulfillment of barging into the business of complete strangers with reckless abandon.

Feel welcome to visit my twitter account

and see what all the fuss is about.

Stay tuned


ontheairA certain blogger, because of it’s need to feed it’s addiction for attention, has once again posted a string of absolutely false information about me.

As an excuse of this mess it is posting, the blogger claims that I am using Twitter sock accounts or even using others to post in my stead as the justification for these latest rants.

I, of course, had denied having anything to do with the actions this idiot keeps posting about, but these denials fall of deaf ears.

The reason for this, of course, is that if the blogger were to accept my rebuttal, it would no longer have a LEGITIMATE excuse to keep mentioning me in it’s obsessive blog.

It is also quite clear that the blogger is using the article it posts for click bait as that is how it makes it’s living.

The blogger likely takes the information it gets when people log into it’s blog and sells that information to spammers so that the person reading the blog gets hit with spam in whatever account it uses to log into the blog.

That has to be the logical reason for these rants as the blogger has refused to provide any proof for the various claims it has made against me for the past three years.

I do not expect this posting to cause the blogger to provide any proof of it’s latest accusations since the truth is not nor has ever been the goal or priority of whoever it is running that blog.

I have made such requests in the past and the blogger has simply ignored them because it knows full well that it does NOT have any evidence to back up it’s accusations against me or anyone else for that matter.


I simply post this article so that those who read the rants of that blogger understand that it has never provided any evidence to back up some of the most nonsensical accusations ever seen on a social media blog against people the blogger has never met or knows anything about.

Stay tuned


Recently a certain aspiring media “journalist” wrote on his Twitter account what amounts to an ultimatum. He wants me AGAIN to take off my blog everything I wrote about him.

Of course my stalker had to barge in to all of this and state the reason he wants the stuff removed is because it shows up in search engines.

Now out of curiosity, I went ahead and did several on line searches of his name and found something quite interesting. My blog articles do not appear in the first 15 or so pages of ANY search engine. In fact, anything related to him is mixed in with other individuals as well as a major clothing manufacturer who shares his surname.

What the stalker seems not to understand is that the aspiring journalist has a rather common given name surname combination.

So, I go back to the same question I have asked dozens of times. Why is it that this individual and his entourage are so concerned about this blog?

There is one other blog article that DID come up in a Google search that had to do with him in a negative light. The problem is that the blog is NOT MINE.

Considering that the other blog has far more impact than this one could ever have, I would think his request might be served with that blogger and not with me.

Stay tuned


patletterOne of my stalkers claims is that I got involved in a dispute with Profiler Pat Brown regarding Cory Mitchell who was a noted Novelist.

What does not make sense here is why would I have been involved in a dispute between people I did not know at the time.

The argument between the parties that was the subject of the letter (provided by the stalker herself) apparently over a creation that depicted rape. All Pat did was to give her OPINION.

Also, it might be noted, my stalke’s name does not appear in this letter so I am not sure at what point SHE got involved in this mess and made herself the center of attention.

What IS important to note is that this incident took place almost a FULL YEAR before I was doing my webcasts which is what caused me stalker to go after me in the first place.

As best I can remember, any contact with Pat Brown or Dianne Fanning and me took place long after this dispute started and that contact was minimal at best.

My stalker has long claimed that I somehow got involved with the dispute and that there was some kind of elaborate plot involving me, Pat and Diane to ruin the reputation of a woman that I had no idea existed.

But, as with all claims my stalker makes, there is never any evidence to back them up. In fact her evidence does quite the opposite.

HER evidence actually proves that it is HER that is the stalker and abuser and not me.

Stay tuned



You can certainly tell when someone is behind the times by the things they post on the internet. I had a rather strange troll take me to task because during my test webcast recently, the chat appeared on the screen of my phone allowing me to see what was being posted ( or hearing when voice text is activated.)

That really got a burr up her ass although she must have not been paying to tech developments as it involves the modern day automobile.

I actually started using this kind of technology back in 2006.

intbmwWhat she probably does NOT realize is that people have been capable of not only being able to read text but to also surf the web while zooming down the highways for years. One does not even have to texting while driving as there are speech to text utilities that solve that problem.

tomtomI gather that the woman has never seen a stand along gps device that came along YEARS before the ability to view text, images and even videos while traveling down the road.

webcarAs the new generation of web surfers buy these new cars, the technology will evolve to meet their needs. I would expect they would find new ways to occupy their time when the day comes that self driving cars are common as well.

pccopWhile certain safety issues have to be addressed as this gadgetry is added to automobiles, there is little that can be done to stop this growing trend.

textcopThose who continue to show their ignorance of the new technology that is being installed in automobiles may want to get out of the way before they get run over.

Stay tuned


wambulanceIt is rather odd that someone in a profession that is supposed to defend free speech is using threats to censor free speech, but that is what is going on yet again. For several years The former student of journalism has been making all sorts of accusations through his blogs, on Twitter and on other blogs he is suspected of being involved with in one way or another.

Because of his fame and being on national television, he has built a rather strange group of supporters who also have written false and defamatory accusations about me and others.

Now that this person has graduated from college and is now trying to find a job, he is trying to clean up his act.

Part of that housecleaning is apparently to get everything written about him on this blog and elsewhere summarily removed. The reason for doing so can be summed up by one of his screwball fans who has written a monumental amount of false narratives about me and a good many other people as well.

She wrote” All of your filthy lies, defamation & word vomit is indexed by search engines.”

Two things here. First of all, a vast majority of my blogs are backed up with statements HE made and sourced from either his Twitter account, his Facebook account or from other sources that he himself authored.

If it becomes necessary, I can provide hundreds of his posts both on line and that he has deleted demonstrating just what has been said by him about me and a number of other people.

Now, this aspiring “journalist” has an annoying habit of making various posts to me demanding that I do his bidding and also making false accusations against me. He then deletes his posts within hours or even minutes of making them once he feels the intended audience sees the posts.

Unfortunately for him, the deleted posts are archived in the event they are needed at a later time.

The second thing is that this so called journalist, like his fans, started all of this in the first place. He came after me at the onset, with some rather severe false narratives and apparently expected me to just remain quiet while he prattled on with his venom defamation and nonsense.

His lending his support to the other trolls and stalkers encouraged their actions. Had he not gotten involved in their stalking of me, the damage to me may not have been as severe as they would not have been given the undeserved attention they have been getting.

codeofethicsAlso, if he was a TRUE journalist, he would have investigated their claims, found them to be unfounded and wrote about them. That is what ETHICAL journalists do.


Getting back to why he wants my blogs deleted:

My stalkers know full well how the indexing works on search engines. That was their intent when they started attacking me a decade ago. It does not matter what is on the indexing is true or not. When the results come up the damage is done even if nobody clicks on the  links. It is the search results that do the damage.

There is something else people need to understand. IF the blogs were removed completely both about the journalist and about me, absolutely nothing would change. The indexing would remain. The links would be dead but the summary of the links in the search engines would remain there.

This was the intent of my haters and it is part of the damage that is done with such reckless content is posted.

Now the woman who made the above statement also started a “Murt index” file site that contains a lot of material that actually proves many of the points I have made over the years and also proves her obsession in archiving that amount of material.

She intensives her false narratives with hashtags which brings her lying to a whole new level.

That so called index is also discoverable on an internet search.

I am certain that if I were to remove everything the aspiring journalist wanted me to that NOBODY would remove what they have posted about me.

And so we have this quandary and what is a stand off.

I would suggest that the next time these trolls decide to go on a smear campaign against someone that they think long and hard about the consequences of their actions.

Someday they are going to pick the wrong person and then Karma will come calling with more effectiveness than I could ever come up with.

Until then

Stay tuned


copcar A few years back, a female convicted pedophile was exposed by a blogger, who happened to be one of my harshest critics. This turned out to be a bombshell as the woman was a moderator of the largest and most well known True Crime websites on social media.

At the same time this happened I was being accused of being involved in a private chat where I was alleged to have said that I was going around malls stalking children.

It is solely based on those unproven chats that I have been given that label by the very same blogger that exposed the convicted female pedophile.

What is odd about all of this is that while the woman has court records stating that she actually confessed to sex offenses involving children and that I do NOT have ANY criminal record for acts against children, or ANY criminal record for that matter, the attacks against me continue while virtually all criticism against the woman who actually confessed to several sex offenses involving children has vanished.

Even the blogger who wrote the original article exposing the woman has back tracked considerably from any mention of her and her criminal background.

In fact, in the last mentions of the confessed pedophile, the blogger actually defended her saying that she had reformed and had not been on the internet in years.

moonprofileThat might not be the case according to some on line who believe that the female sex offender may be behind a number of Twitter accounts engaging in trolling a number of people. It is also claimed that she is impersonating some well known personalities in the true crime social media area including at least one former atty.

And no, as far as I have been told,  the impersonations do NOT include Kim Picazio.

Proving someone is behind a social media account is extremely hard for anyone outside of law enforcement but this group of people is determined to prove the female pedophile is behind many of the strange actions and sock accounts on Twitter and elsewhere.

I for one, hope they accomplish their goal.

Stay tuned


artvThere is an army of heroes out there. These are everyday people who sacrifice their time and resources to come to the rescue of the most helpless among us, our pets.


For as many reasons as there are people, an animal who was once loved and had what they thought was a lifetime companion find themselves in a new and unwanted situation.

Some are cast out like an old worn out piece of furniture and others are given up because of a heart rendering choice of their human companion who, for whatever reason, is unable to care for them as they lovingly used to.


Still worse are those creatures who wind up in shelters, some enduring a countdown to an impending death because there are simply too many of them for the shelters to care for and too few people who wish to adopt them.

rescurIt is during this stressful time in their lives that along comes the rescuers, the saviors, the liberators. These compassionate people come together to deliver salvation and a second chance at happiness to these creatures who have no idea why they have been placed into their dire situations.

There is more than just taking an animal out of their unwanted situation and placing them with a new and loving companion.

fosterswantedIn the most extreme cases, an intermediary, or foster is needed to help the animal cope with the changes in their lives and help ease any stresses the animal may have. The foster process may also include remedying any medical or behavioral problems the animal may be suffering from.

fbar1Another step in the process is, of course, finding a loving home for the animal.  There is more to this than putting an ad on Craigslist which has become to be known as the worst thing anyone can do.


Instead, groups have been formed on Facebook and elsewhere to list the adoption offerings and appeals and also screen the prospective adopters to assure the animal will be going into a secure and loving enviorment. Their methods are different but the goal is always the same, to have an outcome that will be best for the animal and it’s new companion.

It is at this point that the important step is taken to unite the animal with their new companions. It is becoming more common that the distance the animal needs to travel is more than just across town. In frequent cases the distance is in the hundreds or thousands of miles.

There are two main ways this is accomplished. On land and in the air.

The first in this line of rescue transporters are scores of ordinary people that take time out of their lives to travel the nation’s highways to accomplish the ultimate goal of uniting the animal and companion.

Rain or shine, through snow sleet and hail, these intrepid rescuers forage ahead on their mission.

pilotspawsAbove these dedicated many are the angels in the air, also delivering the rescued animals to their new companions or to other fosters to compete the process at their end.

pilots2These angels are the vast number of private pilots who use their abilities and their aircraft to aid the animals in their time of need.


In both cases, a lot of time and expense as well as love is put forth to help the most helpless on this planet.

rescuer2These people do not seek fame or fortune. Their reward comes from seeing the happiness between the animals and their new companions when they first meet and take the satisfaction that they are doing something every single day.

rescuer3It is to these dedication to these loving people that I dedicate this article along with my love and respect for what they do.

Stay tuned