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maletroll.jpgWhile most of us are out in the real world enjoying a warm spring day, there are those mysterious reclusive personalities hold up in a dark room or basement someplace tweeting nonsense, in this latest case, for almost three hours as of this writing.

While outside doing various things away from the internet, I was getting notification after notification on my Galaxy Edge.

Apparently a troll with too much time on it’s hands decided to become friends of people on all sides of an ongoing internet dispute. The group included both my friends and foes and also the friends and foes of Tim Holmseth as well as a number of others prominent in the various on disputes that have taken place over the years.

While the trolls have been creative with their antics in the past, this latest one is both a new and interesting twist.

Trying to figure out whose side this troll is on and not on is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Fundamental posts by this “individual” point out that I am the target of it’s wrath. No surprise there. SammyinFl seems to be on the shit list as well even though we had a falling out quite a long time ago.

This just goes to show that there are some people are so desperate for attention that they will resort to some rather odd tactics to fulfill their addiction.

If nothing else, this latest troll and it’s rant provides some interesting entertainment in what otherwise has been a rather dull and routine Saturday.

Stay tuned