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wambulanceIt is rather odd that someone in a profession that is supposed to defend free speech is using threats to censor free speech, but that is what is going on yet again. For several years The former student of journalism has been making all sorts of accusations through his blogs, on Twitter and on other blogs he is suspected of being involved with in one way or another.

Because of his fame and being on national television, he has built a rather strange group of supporters who also have written false and defamatory accusations about me and others.

Now that this person has graduated from college and is now trying to find a job, he is trying to clean up his act.

Part of that housecleaning is apparently to get everything written about him on this blog and elsewhere summarily removed. The reason for doing so can be summed up by one of his screwball fans who has written a monumental amount of false narratives about me and a good many other people as well.

She wrote” All of your filthy lies, defamation & word vomit is indexed by search engines.”

Two things here. First of all, a vast majority of my blogs are backed up with statements HE made and sourced from either his Twitter account, his Facebook account or from other sources that he himself authored.

If it becomes necessary, I can provide hundreds of his posts both on line and that he has deleted demonstrating just what has been said by him about me and a number of other people.

Now, this aspiring “journalist” has an annoying habit of making various posts to me demanding that I do his bidding and also making false accusations against me. He then deletes his posts within hours or even minutes of making them once he feels the intended audience sees the posts.

Unfortunately for him, the deleted posts are archived in the event they are needed at a later time.

The second thing is that this so called journalist, like his fans, started all of this in the first place. He came after me at the onset, with some rather severe false narratives and apparently expected me to just remain quiet while he prattled on with his venom defamation and nonsense.

His lending his support to the other trolls and stalkers encouraged their actions. Had he not gotten involved in their stalking of me, the damage to me may not have been as severe as they would not have been given the undeserved attention they have been getting.

codeofethicsAlso, if he was a TRUE journalist, he would have investigated their claims, found them to be unfounded and wrote about them. That is what ETHICAL journalists do.


Getting back to why he wants my blogs deleted:

My stalkers know full well how the indexing works on search engines. That was their intent when they started attacking me a decade ago. It does not matter what is on the indexing is true or not. When the results come up the damage is done even if nobody clicks on theĀ  links. It is the search results that do the damage.

There is something else people need to understand. IF the blogs were removed completely both about the journalist and about me, absolutely nothing would change. The indexing would remain. The links would be dead but the summary of the links in the search engines would remain there.

This was the intent of my haters and it is part of the damage that is done with such reckless content is posted.

Now the woman who made the above statement also started a “Murt index” file site that contains a lot of material that actually proves many of the points I have made over the years and also proves her obsession in archiving that amount of material.

She intensives her false narratives with hashtags which brings her lying to a whole new level.

That so called index is also discoverable on an internet search.

I am certain that if I were to remove everything the aspiring journalist wanted me to that NOBODY would remove what they have posted about me.

And so we have this quandary and what is a stand off.

I would suggest that the next time these trolls decide to go on a smear campaign against someone that they think long and hard about the consequences of their actions.

Someday they are going to pick the wrong person and then Karma will come calling with more effectiveness than I could ever come up with.

Until then

Stay tuned