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Recently a certain aspiring media “journalist” wrote on his Twitter account what amounts to an ultimatum. He wants me AGAIN to take off my blog everything I wrote about him.

Of course my stalker had to barge in to all of this and state the reason he wants the stuff removed is because it shows up in search engines.

Now out of curiosity, I went ahead and did several on line searches of his name and found something quite interesting. My blog articles do not appear in the first 15 or so pages of ANY search engine. In fact, anything related to him is mixed in with other individuals as well as a major clothing manufacturer who shares his surname.

What the stalker seems not to understand is that the aspiring journalist has a rather common given name surname combination.

So, I go back to the same question I have asked dozens of times. Why is it that this individual and his entourage are so concerned about this blog?

There is one other blog article that DID come up in a Google search that had to do with him in a negative light. The problem is that the blog is NOT MINE.

Considering that the other blog has far more impact than this one could ever have, I would think his request might be served with that blogger and not with me.

Stay tuned