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patletterOne of my stalkers claims is that I got involved in a dispute with Profiler Pat Brown regarding Cory Mitchell who was a noted Novelist.

What does not make sense here is why would I have been involved in a dispute between people I did not know at the time.

The argument between the parties that was the subject of the letter (provided by the stalker herself) apparently over a creation that depicted rape. All Pat did was to give her OPINION.

Also, it might be noted, my stalke’s name does not appear in this letter so I am not sure at what point SHE got involved in this mess and made herself the center of attention.

What IS important to note is that this incident took place almost a FULL YEAR before I was doing my webcasts which is what caused me stalker to go after me in the first place.

As best I can remember, any contact with Pat Brown or Dianne Fanning and me took place long after this dispute started and that contact was minimal at best.

My stalker has long claimed that I somehow got involved with the dispute and that there was some kind of elaborate plot involving me, Pat and Diane to ruin the reputation of a woman that I had no idea existed.

But, as with all claims my stalker makes, there is never any evidence to back them up. In fact her evidence does quite the opposite.

HER evidence actually proves that it is HER that is the stalker and abuser and not me.

Stay tuned