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The haters have been waffling as of late. For some strange reason they have decided to attack two women who have absolutely nothing to do with any of them. The only reason they are being attacked by the haters is that they do not think much of Casey Anthony and those who make money off of the death of Caylee Anthony.

Rather than attack the women directly, the haters go after their offspring who the haters allege have gotten into some legal difficulty.

I find this sudden shift to being law and order advocates rather odd since they have “glorified” criminal behavior in the past.

Take for example some of the criminal actions that took place during the involvement of “armchair detectives” in the Big Red Rape case. The hacking of websites and similar criminal actions were glorified because it was “for the common good” and thus justified in their minds.

Then there were the several alleged criminal actions of one of their more prominent  “heroes.” This individual was charged with Stealing a truck, a GUN and thousands of dollars from his own family.

Rather than writing a scathing article about how the parents were to blame for his conduct, the haters actually came to his defense and believed his story that the whole thing was “simply a family misunderstanding” and placed the principal blame on an overly strict father.

Now to be clear, I am not endorsing any criminal behavior that may have engaged in by the offspring of the women in question. If the offspring broke the law, they should answer for their actions.

Thousands and thousands of parents and guardians are faced with the same problem each day. They try and raise their children to be law abiding but despite their best efforts, the children get themselves into trouble.

IF the haters are the law and order advocates they claim to be, then they should show that to be true by NOT coming to the defense of one of their heroes breaks some rather serious laws.

Otherwise they are guilty of “glorifying criminal behavior” rather than their targets as they falsely claim.