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You can certainly tell when someone is behind the times by the things they post on the internet. I had a rather strange troll take me to task because during my test webcast recently, the chat appeared on the screen of my phone allowing me to see what was being posted ( or hearing when voice text is activated.)

That really got a burr up her ass although she must have not been paying to tech developments as it involves the modern day automobile.

I actually started using this kind of technology back in 2006.

intbmwWhat she probably does NOT realize is that people have been capable of not only being able to read text but to also surf the web while zooming down the highways for years. One does not even have to texting while driving as there are speech to text utilities that solve that problem.

tomtomI gather that the woman has never seen a stand along gps device that came along YEARS before the ability to view text, images and even videos while traveling down the road.

webcarAs the new generation of web surfers buy these new cars, the technology will evolve to meet their needs. I would expect they would find new ways to occupy their time when the day comes that self driving cars are common as well.

pccopWhile certain safety issues have to be addressed as this gadgetry is added to automobiles, there is little that can be done to stop this growing trend.

textcopThose who continue to show their ignorance of the new technology that is being installed in automobiles may want to get out of the way before they get run over.

Stay tuned