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copcar A few years back, a female convicted pedophile was exposed by a blogger, who happened to be one of my harshest critics. This turned out to be a bombshell as the woman was a moderator of the largest and most well known True Crime websites on social media.

At the same time this happened I was being accused of being involved in a private chat where I was alleged to have said that I was going around malls stalking children.

It is solely based on those unproven chats that I have been given that label by the very same blogger that exposed the convicted female pedophile.

What is odd about all of this is that while the woman has court records stating that she actually confessed to sex offenses involving children and that I do NOT have ANY criminal record for acts against children, or ANY criminal record for that matter, the attacks against me continue while virtually all criticism against the woman who actually confessed to several sex offenses involving children has vanished.

Even the blogger who wrote the original article exposing the woman has back tracked considerably from any mention of her and her criminal background.

In fact, in the last mentions of the confessed pedophile, the blogger actually defended her saying that she had reformed and had not been on the internet in years.

moonprofileThat might not be the case according to some on line who believe that the female sex offender may be behind a number of Twitter accounts engaging in trolling a number of people. It is also claimed that she is impersonating some well known personalities in the true crime social media area including at least one former atty.

And no, as far as I have been told,  the impersonations do NOT include Kim Picazio.

Proving someone is behind a social media account is extremely hard for anyone outside of law enforcement but this group of people is determined to prove the female pedophile is behind many of the strange actions and sock accounts on Twitter and elsewhere.

I for one, hope they accomplish their goal.

Stay tuned