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Ms. Goddard:

This is an open letter from me INSISTING that you either prove your many accusations of me being  the creator or having anything to do with several sock accounts that have been making statements about one Kim Picazio, her husband and other individuals associated with her.  Two of the MANY individuals and the currently inactive  @haterofbullies are those who have their own personal issues with Ms Pickazio and others that have been brought out in their twitter comments.

I must insist that you also offer the same proof that I have contacted you in any way shape or form using sock accounts or any other means of communication including all forms of electronic communications, US mail or any other means of contact.

As a direct result of the posts by the above Twitter account holders and others, you have conducted a smear campaign against me on twitter accusing me of being behind those accounts or at the least supporting their actions.

You have used the SAME excuse to once again start defamatory blogs about me including posting the FALSE information that I was transmitting gay porn images on a website that prohibits this activity.

I am making it clear once again that I am NOT in any way shape or form associated with ANY sock account that is attacking ANYONE.

I do not condone the practice and I certainly DO NOT dictate what these people say or who they support. I simply do not care.

Unlike YOU, I have a life OUTSIDE of Twitter. I have MOVED ON which, apparently you have NOT.

So now it is time you either prove your accusations against me or the world will know that you make baseless accusations against people without providing any proof outside of blogs, forms and EDITED  and COUNTERFEIT videos and chat sessions.

I am of the OPINION that the various sock accounts may well be hoax accounts  set up by either YOU or those who are ALLIED with you for the express purpose of having an excuse to accuse me of being behind them so that you can garner pity and support from those foolish enough to fall for your oddball actions.

Remember the German Porn star hoax? Many out there certainly do including the woman you attacked for bringing this hoax to my attention.

So, the ball is in YOUR court. YOU have made the accusations and YOU are the internet “prosecutor.”

You claim to be the social media expert. You claim to have powerful allies at your disposal. You even have an inside track to one Kim Pickazio and Levi Page who both claim to have the abilities to prove or disprove your claims and take whatever legal actions would be necessary in the event your claims are proven correct.

I will be waiting to see if you are able to prove your accusations that I am the sock accounts you have mentioned in your twitter log or if you will FINALLY admit you are WRONG and delete EVERYTHING on EVERY BLOG FORUM OR VIDEO site you have written about me.

If you DO NOT move to resolve this matter one way or another, there will be LEGAL consequences and no this does not mean any kind of lawsuit. I remember too well the Saltsman lawsuit and I do not have the money to fight your constant lying about me and your continued harassment of me.

I will be waiting.

William K Murtaugh