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Monthly Archives: April 2016

In a rather interesting coincidence, a new sock appeared this morning right after a debate with a certain individual. The format of the sock is always the same. My username gets tagged. There is rarely a profile. Nobody gets followed and nobody follows the sock, at least at the onset.


The socks primarily engage in name calling and nonsensical tin hat accusations. The socks usually will post something from the distant past that has been posted many times and out of context.

I have gotten used to these things as have many others who have had this done  to them, including my haters and detractors.

The people who engage in this kind of behavior wind up making themselves look like fools. The real person behind the socks may never be known but their will be guesses of who is behind the things.

This is the world of the internet today so it is one more thing for everyone to get used to. The sandlot bullies are everywhere.

Stay tuned


The last I checked, there is absolutely no one on this planet that has never made a mistake. We all make errors in judgement. We say and do things we later regret.

Today, social media and the internet magnifies any mistakes one might make. What might be considered an ordinary mistake off line becomes a major event when that mistake is broadcast all over the internet.

Some transgressions people get involved in are like fish stories. The fish gets bigger every time the story is told.

Now I do have to admit that early on when covering various missing child cases I made a number of mistakes, some of which were serious.

I took responsibility for EVERY mistake I made. I apologized where appropriate and had hoped by doing so, people would move on to other more pressing matters.

Some people, however, refuse to do so and keep rehashing matters that were put to rest years ago.

Also, certain individuals insist of accusing me of things that I did NOT do or say. It would easy for me to admit to these things and let the accusations die, but I do not cower down to false accusations against me. It is not my nature.

If that bothers people, then it is just too damn bad.

It is abundantly clear that there are some that will never let go of these accusations and keep bring them up for eternity.

I would challenge the reader of this blog article to ask yourself this. Have you in your life ever made a mistake or have you ever been accused of something you did not do or did not say?

Take that into consideration when you decide how to react to what I write here.

Stay tuned


flsun.jpgOnce again, a certain someone fails to tell the full story when it comes to how certain public records wound up in the trial of  Casey Anthony and in the hands of Law enforcement in the case of Haleigh Cummings.

One must first understand how things work in Florida when it comes to public records. Some states allow some discretion when it comes to people sending in so called evidence in either a criminal investigation and subsequent trial. Some letters can be allowed to go into the trash basket. Phone calls are not required to be recorded and other exceptions to public records laws exist.

Not so in the State of Florida. The law regarding how any public agency in this state interacts with the public is strictly regulated not only by law but by the Florida state constitution.

The Florida Sunshine Law is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the public records of governmental bodies in Florida. The law was first enacted in 1995.

ALL contact with the public or ANY official business within the State of Florida has to be archived and available to anyone who makes a FOIA request. Florida is far more liberal than the federal FOIA when it comes to public records. As a result a lot more information is available to the public than otherwise would be the case.

flconstitutionAlong with the fake chats that made it into some rather high profile cases in Florida were tips from psychics, “Dreamers” and other supernatural sources.

“Private investigators working for the Anthony family—whose daughter Casey, Caylee’s mother, was unsuccessfully prosecuted for murdering her child—acted on a tip from a Virginia “psychic.” The alleged clairvoyant, Ginette Lucas, was introduced to the PIs, Dominik Casey and Tim Hoover, by Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, after she received a tip from Lucas. “

There was also this tip from a woman with an interesting history when involved in the search for Caylee:

“Interestingly, another “psychic,” Gale St. John, leader of a group called “Body Hunters,” also claimed to have gone to the site. She supposedly had a “vision” of Caylee’s remains but—just in case—was accompanied by cadaver dogs! Even so, actually on site, she was unable to zero in on the remains.”

Some of these tips for instance, had Caylee Anthony alive and well a few days AFTER her remains were discovered only a quarter mile from her grandparents home.

“Almost from the beginning, the Casey Anthony murder case — and before that, the case of missing Caylee Anthony — served as the realm of conspiracy theorists, bloggers and self-anointed sleuths.

They knew, they said, inside knowledge of what really happened.”

“McIntyre’s e-mail goes on to say that Garavaglia “misidentified the wrong body,” when Caylee Anthony’s remains were found in late 2008. He apparently means Jan Garavaglia misidentified Caylee’s body.

Garavaglia said the FBI forensic lab in Virginia matched DNA from the bones to Caylee’s known DNA.

But McIntyre, who claims to have solved several felony cases, insists that the body found is that of a “baby girl Doe,” the victim of a still-unsolved killing.

He calls the entire Anthony case a “botched investigation” and says Casey Anthony “has basically told the truth on nearly everything,” according to one e-mail.

“I have solved this kidnapping to my satisfaction, but you still consider Caylee Marie Anthony a victim of murder,” McIntyre states. “That is completely erroneous. Please conduct this investigation as a kidnapping case, because that is exactly what it is.”

“A series of four e-mails apparently sent to the judicial assistant of Orange Circuit Judge Jose Rodriguez describe an alternative — and, in large part, impossible — set of supposed facts, claims and allegations.

James L. McIntyre, who floats similar theories about the Casey Anthony case online, wrote the e-mails. They were recently added to the civil suit filed by Zenaida Gonzalez, a Kissimmee woman accusing Anthony of damaging her reputation. Rodriguez is handling the defamation case.”

All of this information found it’s way into the discovery evidence files handed over to the defense as required by law.

It is important to note that NEITHER the defense or the prosecution used the chats in the trial. They were part of hundreds of pieces of discovery that were never used.

The documentation in the Casey Anthony trial was one of the largest in history, there were thousands of pages, countless number of multimedia files (cd’s and dvd’s) both audio and video eventually obtained by the press and the public alike. Huge databases were dedicated by various media outlets for the public to read as a result.

Most of what is on these data bases can be dismissed as tin hat or nonsensical. The evidence, however, cannot be disposed of prior to being released to the public.

What some people forget to note is that when the fake chat files that circulate on the internet to this day were also given to the Putnam County Sheriff at the height of the investigation as to what happened to Haleigh Cummings.

There was NEVER any exchange of information between various law enforcement of those files. The ONLY reason Putnam County became involved is when a PRIVATE Detective working for the DEFENSE of Casey Anthony provided the files to the agency and pressed them to look into BOTH parties, me and the other person that were alleged to be in them.

What was never reported by certain individuals was that Putnam County Investigators nor any other investigative agency never took them seriously. They placated the detective and ignored them completely.

The files remain in Putnam county somewhere in a forgotten archive never to be looked at again.

What has not been told as how the detective came to be in possession of the files in the first place. I personally spoke to him in order to find out. He informed me that the files came from private citizens and not from any law enforcement source.

Because of atty client restrictions, he was unable to provide me with exactly who it was that provided the files.

There have been accusations that the files were provided by the spokeswoman of yet another missing child. I was able to discuss this with the woman in question and she said she did not give the files to the detective. When she first learned of the files, she had discussed them with the investigators of the still missing child, the files were dismissed outright.

When the woman publicly stated that she believed the files to be a fraud and a hoax, she was attacked by certain true crime arm chair detective nut cases and accused of having something to do with what happened to the child.

It would be advisable, therefore, for anyone who sees certain “documents” on various blogs, forums and file sharing websites to consider how public records work and consider the ORIGINAL source of certain records.

Stay tuned


For quite a while, a certain group has accused one person or another of creating sock accounts with the express purpose of harassing them. These people have claimed to have filed criminal cases charging these anonymous account holders with stalking and harassment.

Now, logic dictates that law enforcement needs the proper evidence in order to prosecute the accused of the alleged harassment and stalking.

Now I had made a post that said that either a lawyer or Law enforcement could find out that information.

Imagine my surprise when I was made aware of this statement by a media personality to one of those who claimed to file a complaint based on the posting on Twitter Sock accounts.

“No it would not. How silly. Our courts/law enforcement are not here to find out who is operating troll accounts. LOL”

So according to him, filing a criminal complaint based on the content of a sock account is an exercise in futility.

Case dismissed.

Stay tuned



It is now a common practice of unethical individuals to create domains and websites using the names of their targets as a weapon when stalking and attacking them.

Michelle’s use of Facebook is a variant of this method. I was a bit surprised that she raised such a fuss when Deric Lostutter used this method when he got into a dispute with her. Mr Lostutter registered a domain in her name but never had it hosted.

Mr Lostutter also has problems of this nature since someone has created which links to a blog created solely to attack his reputation.

This sort of thing is widespread and is also deceptive. It does not matter if the content is true or not. The method is used to trick people into visiting the various domains.

This weapon has been used against me countless times. There are several websites where either my legal name or the name or my websites are used to trick people into visiting them.

It is said that Michelle or those who assist her created them. Anyone who visits those impersonator sites may well want to keep that in mind when reading Michelle’s accusations as well as the same accusations within those other websites.

The various domain hosts refuse to intervene on first amendment grounds so do not be surprised if one day YOU are a victim of this practice.

Stay tuned


icbBefore I get into how In Cold Blog ties in to Michelle’s stalking of me, let me explain exactly what In Cold Blog was.

cmbookcmThe website was the brainchild and creation of Cory Mitchell who was a well known Novelist. The purpose of his website was to act as a promotional vehicle of authors who were subscribers of his website.

Michelle was one of a number of volunteers who acted as support for Mr Mitchell who spent the bulk of his time writing and going on tours to promote his work.

He gave free reign to Michelle and the other staffers which led to it’s downfall.

The website was never intended to be a vehicle for Michelle to engage in disputes with people she had issues with.

When I first learned of the article Michelle wrote attacking me through a link anonymously sent to me. The article was published on In Cold Blog.

Rather than create her OWN blog or use to publish her article, she went off topic and used In Cold Blog to do so.

I was not the only person who wound up on Mr Mitchell’s website. Michelle also went after Profiler Pat Brown and well known author Dianne Fanning there as well.

Since In Cold Blog was the source of the article and it it’s owner is responsible for it’s content, it was only natural that I would contact the owner after Michelle refused all polite efforts to let me defend myself against the false accusations contained within her article which is no longer anywhere on the internet.

Michelle had several disputes with authors as well which eventually caused Mr Mitchell’s decision to shut the website down.

When Michelle engages in rants where she blames others for her downfall and the so called loss of her portfolio, she fails to understand that the blame rests squarely on her.

Had she not used In Cold Blog as a weapon against her countless victims, things may well be different today.

Stay tuned




The woman who started stalking me as far back as 2006 has done something rather strange. Of course this is NOT the first time she has done this. The act I am speaking of is that she has posted my entire Twitter account from the day I created it up to the present day.

This does not bother me as I have nothing to hide. Unlike her and my other stalkers, I do not routinely shut down my account and delete a majority of it. There are over 36 THOUSAND posts there.

Of course, Michelle did not stop there. She also posted my Facebook account. One note here. Michelle once created a DUPLICATE Facebook account and even PAID to promote it. The problem with THAT account is that she used it to stalk me as well.

Creating fake Facebook accounts is easy. It is a common problem for legitimate account holders. Check Facebook yourself and you will see thousands of complaints relating to this problem.

When THAT account was created it somehow DIVERTED my followers to AWAY from my years long established Facebook account.

This meant that people were FORCED to either read her propaganda or block me. Because of MICHELLE one woman LOST HER JOB and actually threatened to sue both Michelle and In Cold Blog.


 Facebook, after I produced evidence that the account Michelle created was not mine, removed it.

Her harassment, of course, did not stop there. Once the woman found out the account was fake, she contacted me and I explained what Michelle was doing. It is also interesting to note that the woman was also a Military Veteran. She was attacked for doing that as others have.

Michelle AND her associates have this odd habit of punishing any former ally of theirs who decide to “switch sides” as they call it rather than allow people to change their beliefs. It is a threat many current supporters know of full well.

Michelle always gives false and one sided accounts of our decades long battles. I am surprised that she took the content of her false Facebook account and put it in the archive she created but this IS Michelle after all.

FanningconvoNow to the case of Michelle and Dianne. Michelle seems to have problems with people other than me, a LOT of them. TWO famous people she got tangled up with were Dianne Fanning, a rather famous author and Profiler Pat Brown.

I did not know either of these women. I had ties or friendships with them. The only contact we had was when Michelle somehow connected me with them in a way I have never been able to discover. I never provided them with any information on Michelle and they did not provide any information about her to me.

That, of course, did not stop Michelle from making the accusations anyway.

Those of you reading this can go over to Michelle’s twitter account and read her rants and find the massive file that she has put up about me. She has left important details OUT like how she contacted my business, and professional associates spreading the same FALSE narratives about me including a chat that has NEVER been proven to be actually me nor has she been willing to do so.

When I politely asked her how she got the chat and if she had bothered to check to see if they were genuine (something an ethical journalist or author does) she stated that was not her job and that I should contact the police myself which is what I had already done.

In the 8 YEARS those chats have been out there NOBODY has ever been able to produce evidence that they were GENUINE nor has anyone ever identified who was “the other person” in the fake chat.

Some IDIOT did send the fake chat to the Fl State Atty during the height of the Casey Anthony Trial knowing full well that under Florida’s open records law, they would find their way into the public records.

The chats were NEVER USED of course as other rather nonsensical pieces of evidence worked their way into the trial.

In closing, Michelle had been stalking me since 2006 which was TWO YEARS before I learned of her actions and discovered who she was when an “anonymous” person sent me the original false narratives she wrote about me on In Cold Blog.

Michelle called the Leesburg Florida police department on at least 6 occasions trying to implicate me in the fate of Trenton Duckett who remains missing to this day and is presumed dead. She even wrote to the lead detective of the case implicating me as having something to do with what happened to him.

Michelle even posted her belief that the spokeswoman for the Duckett family, the wife of a policeman at that time, of having something to do with his disappearance.

I am fully aware that minds will never be changed. That is how society is now days. I will not, however, stand by and allow Michelle to constantly lie about me unanswered.

I have tried to ignore her decades long stalking of me but enough is enough.

Stay tuned



The armchair detectives are at it once again, assuming that certain individuals are behind a number of sock accounts that have been making the rounds on Twitter.

I am always at the top of the list when it comes to these accusations and lately a number of other people seem to be regulars when it comes to being accused of being behind one sock account or another.

When challenged to go ahead and either sue me or the other suspects or go to the proper authorities, the accusers run away citing privacy protections that simply do not exist.

First of all every one of these accusers have ties of one kind or another to the peculiar group Anonymous. Since this group recently released Social Security information on at least one politician and has demonstrated their abilities to find confidential information, one of their associates could easily find out who is behind certain sock accounts.

These same people also have a close association with Kim L. Picazio a noted atty from South Florida who also practices law in the area of social media.

They could easily retain her services to find out for certain who is behind the various and take legal action against whoever is behind these “defendants”.

These same people could also retain their own legal representatives to do the same thing.

They could also pursue legal remedies in the criminal sector against their so called harassment by these sock account holders.

As of this writing, so far as I know, NONE of the above options have been acted upon. One has to wonder why not.

There have been specific accusations based on syntax, misspellings, log on times and other odd factors the arm chair accusers use to “verify” who it is behind one or more of the sock accounts. In every single case, all of them are dead wrong.

If they were right, the legal or civil actions they threatened would have taken place a long, long time ago.

So what is preventing the accusers from embarking on their quest to seek justice?

The answer is quite obvious. They are wrong and they KNOW they are wrong. If they were to go ahead with any criminal or civil action, THEY would be liable if the evidence they provided was false or if they were proven to be completely wrong.

The financial consequences would be quite serious and there may also be criminal charges for making those false accusations without merit.

In addition, by NOT going through on their threats, the accusers are free to keep accusing.

That is, until someone who gets falsely accused and who has the proper resources finally puts a stop to it.

Until then.

Stay tuned


realsammysammyver2I hope I can get this in before I have to pack up the lap top. There seems to be some interesting goings on with a certain Twitter account. I had assumed that the person behind the account actually claimed to be who she stated both in public and then in private.

Then, when I checked the account while off twitter, I got one version of the account where the “actual” owner comes on and says she has repossessed HER account and is the ACTUAL owner.

When I check the account after I LOG ON to Twitter, I find myself BLOCKED. The question here is who is real and who is not?

This little stunt goes to prove how easy it is to impersonate someone on the internet and why taking screenshots of posts does no good since one has to prove who actually is behind a given account.

Gotta go.

Stay tuned


I find it rather curious that there is very little in the way of negative material on the internet when it comes to someone by the name of  Deric. While there WAS an intense smear campaign against him and his family, it was nowhere near as intense as was and is against me.

Any altered content against him is minimal at best. In fact, a number of efforts against him have come to a screeching halt.

Some of that effort has even vanished from the internet with one “OP” closing down and at least one opponent going private.

The reason might be that Deric is taking legal measures to put a stop to the attacks against him and people are getting nervous. It seems that living in NC and being close to Ohio has it’s advantages.

A change in legal residence might be the answer to putting a stop to the actions of MY haters. Time will tell.

Stay Tuned