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artvThere is an army of heroes out there. These are everyday people who sacrifice their time and resources to come to the rescue of the most helpless among us, our pets.


For as many reasons as there are people, an animal who was once loved and had what they thought was a lifetime companion find themselves in a new and unwanted situation.

Some are cast out like an old worn out piece of furniture and others are given up because of a heart rendering choice of their human companion who, for whatever reason, is unable to care for them as they lovingly used to.


Still worse are those creatures who wind up in shelters, some enduring a countdown to an impending death because there are simply too many of them for the shelters to care for and too few people who wish to adopt them.

rescurIt is during this stressful time in their lives that along comes the rescuers, the saviors, the liberators. These compassionate people come together to deliver salvation and a second chance at happiness to these creatures who have no idea why they have been placed into their dire situations.

There is more than just taking an animal out of their unwanted situation and placing them with a new and loving companion.

fosterswantedIn the most extreme cases, an intermediary, or foster is needed to help the animal cope with the changes in their lives and help ease any stresses the animal may have. The foster process may also include remedying any medical or behavioral problems the animal may be suffering from.

fbar1Another step in the process is, of course, finding a loving home for the animal.  There is more to this than putting an ad on Craigslist which has become to be known as the worst thing anyone can do.


Instead, groups have been formed on Facebook and elsewhere to list the adoption offerings and appeals and also screen the prospective adopters to assure the animal will be going into a secure and loving enviorment. Their methods are different but the goal is always the same, to have an outcome that will be best for the animal and it’s new companion.

It is at this point that the important step is taken to unite the animal with their new companions. It is becoming more common that the distance the animal needs to travel is more than just across town. In frequent cases the distance is in the hundreds or thousands of miles.

There are two main ways this is accomplished. On land and in the air.

The first in this line of rescue transporters are scores of ordinary people that take time out of their lives to travel the nation’s highways to accomplish the ultimate goal of uniting the animal and companion.

Rain or shine, through snow sleet and hail, these intrepid rescuers forage ahead on their mission.

pilotspawsAbove these dedicated many are the angels in the air, also delivering the rescued animals to their new companions or to other fosters to compete the process at their end.

pilots2These angels are the vast number of private pilots who use their abilities and their aircraft to aid the animals in their time of need.


In both cases, a lot of time and expense as well as love is put forth to help the most helpless on this planet.

rescuer2These people do not seek fame or fortune. Their reward comes from seeing the happiness between the animals and their new companions when they first meet and take the satisfaction that they are doing something every single day.

rescuer3It is to these dedication to these loving people that I dedicate this article along with my love and respect for what they do.

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