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ontheairA certain blogger, because of it’s need to feed it’s addiction for attention, has once again posted a string of absolutely false information about me.

As an excuse of this mess it is posting, the blogger claims that I am using Twitter sock accounts or even using others to post in my stead as the justification for these latest rants.

I, of course, had denied having anything to do with the actions this idiot keeps posting about, but these denials fall of deaf ears.

The reason for this, of course, is that if the blogger were to accept my rebuttal, it would no longer have a LEGITIMATE excuse to keep mentioning me in it’s obsessive blog.

It is also quite clear that the blogger is using the article it posts for click bait as that is how it makes it’s living.

The blogger likely takes the information it gets when people log into it’s blog and sells that information to spammers so that the person reading the blog gets hit with spam in whatever account it uses to log into the blog.

That has to be the logical reason for these rants as the blogger has refused to provide any proof for the various claims it has made against me for the past three years.

I do not expect this posting to cause the blogger to provide any proof of it’s latest accusations since the truth is not nor has ever been the goal or priority of whoever it is running that blog.

I have made such requests in the past and the blogger has simply ignored them because it knows full well that it does NOT have any evidence to back up it’s accusations against me or anyone else for that matter.


I simply post this article so that those who read the rants of that blogger understand that it has never provided any evidence to back up some of the most nonsensical accusations ever seen on a social media blog against people the blogger has never met or knows anything about.

Stay tuned