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Monthly Archives: May 2016

joeOrlando has a local hero and legend who has accomplished more than many have in a life time and he is still going strong.

In 1992 the City of Orlando dedicated a park as a tribute to this outstanding man.

IMG_1417IMG_1430IMG_1429 IMG_1426IMG_1426IMG_1425I had a chance to visit the park today and took these photos. Many thanks goes to Col Joe and the other veterans who have served our country so well.

Stay tuned


mcoI am making progress preparing my upcoming live stream of my e-trip. The dates of the trip have been finalized and I will announce the beginning of the stream the day before departure.

The scheduled start time will be at 5:00 AM on the date of the departure. At this time I am planning to use my Youtube Live channel as the stream site. I will also be streaming on my Younow channel as well as sending short videos to my Twitter account when unable to live stream.

All notifications will be sent to my Murtwitnessone Twitter account.

I will also be recording portions of the trip on both of my smartphones and Gopro for uploading when at the motel.

This will be a three day webcast. Most of the webcast will consist of the trip to and from the destination city. As of now, the e-trip is slated to be for three days. 

There will be times during the e-trip where I log off for short periods and then log back on again. This is due to things like going through TSA screening and while in flight (the live portions) since this flight may not have wi fi available. Any in flight portions of the e-trip will be still images or recorded videos.

I hope to do more “as it happens” live streams that will be Central Florida based in the months to come.

Stay tuned








As the month of June approaches so does the need for a mid course correction of sorts. I plan on making a change that will take effect the first of the month. Nothing to dramatic but it is a change that I feel is necessary based on the way I want to press forward with my on line presence.

Stay tuned


Since there are haters out there who want to engage in no holds barred actions on the internet, I am forced to make the following statement:

Over the years I have voiced my strong objection by those who have come to my defense and support to publishing a number of images of my haters and their supporters as well as bringing into the disputes the friends, offspring, siblings, parents and or guardians and other significant others associated with the haters.

I have also objected to the contacting of current and potential employers of these individuals even though they have time and again engaged in this conduct towards me and others.

I can no longer in good conscience stand by and hold my supporters and friends to a high moral and ethical standard while their attackers refuse to do the same.

I hereby apologize to Astro, Murt Protector, Hater of Bullies, Sammy and the others with whom I engaged in heated debates with to encourage you not to do the same things the haters have been doing for years. I regret that I have lost your support for taking a stand that in hindsight was neither fair or practical for you to adhere to when you were subject to a relentless hate campaign by those with no moral or ethical standards.

As far as I am concerned, my friends and supporters are free to do as they wish regardless of that that may be.

I will not go as far as to condone everything that they may post to the internet or do in order to play by the rules of the haters and respond to them in kind.

I will not, however, do anything to discourage whatever actions they may take either.

The haters will have only themselves to blame for what may come next.


Stay Tuned


sg1One of the sillier stories making the rounds on the internet is the story of the female meteorologist who was asked to put on a sweater while on the air live.

sg2Some mindless people watching the woman give the weather report were sending e-mails to the tv station complaining about the outfit.


The complaints remind me of a few years back when I was briefly seen shirtless in one of my webcasts on my private streaming channel. Since there is no rule about males when it comes to being shirtless, my audience thought the complaints about that incident was silly as well.

So why was the woman wearing that style of dress in the first place? It turns out that another dress she wore “keyed out.”

gsmOn air personalities often appear on “green screen” which is a common tool used in the industry. When watching a meteorologist do their segments on tv, few people realize that the person is actually standing in front of a massive green sheet.

All the fancy graphics are actually on a computer which the person controls with something like a remote control. It is something akin to a  power point presentation. The meteorologist is usually looking at a monitor off camera to see what is being shown.

keyoutWhat I find odd about this whole affair is why both she and the production staff did not know the original outfit would be “keyed out.” and were not better prepared to deal with it.

Green screen has been used in media for years and I am surprised that the production staff of the station did not do their job and prevent the incident from happening in the first place.

Stay tuned


I always get a kick as to how absolutely stupid my haters are. One example is two that are what has to be the two stupidest bloggers on the planet.



For as long as I can remember these two morons have been trying to pin any number of anonymous accounts on me as my so called sock accounts.


In a way, I suppose I should take it as a compliment for if I was, in fact, the creator of these various socks, I would have been shown to have a lot of creativity and talent.

In order to create all of the anonymous accounts that have the two idiots have claimed were made and operated by me, a lot of diverse knowledge and the ability to cross utilize a large number of varying factors.

Each anonymous account has their own personality, likes and dislikes. To artificially crate such diverse personalities takes a great deal of knowledge of human behavior and the same kind of talent that an author like, for instance Stephen King.


The truth of the matter, however, is that I do NOT have that kind of talent. Not even close.

Their speculation that I would go through such extremes as to create these countless anonymous and diverse personalities demonstrates just egotistical and self important these two idiots think they are.

Never have I ever met such self centered and egotistical moronic individuals as these two and the moronic lemmings that believe their tin hat nonsense.


trumpEven Donald Trump does not have the kind of bloated ego that this pair has.

Or are they one?

Stay tuned


mcoJust found out I have a few minutes before I have to leave and thought I would teach a lesson in economics.

The trolls who hang on to every word I post on Twitter seem to think I have a job at the International Airport. It turns out that the job they claim I have pays the minimum wage of $8.05 per hour. That works to a tad over 64.00 per day BEFORE the various deductions from the wages to cover income, ssi and welfare taxes. This brings the net wage down to somewhere around $50.00 per day.

Now, the airport is about 40 miles away from where I live which means I drive 80 miles per day to go to work.

The average MPG for the vehicle I drive is 20 which means I use at least 4 gallons of gas PER DAY to drive to work. Gas where I live is running around $2.10 per gallon which works out to $8.40 per day in gas leaving me with $41.60.

Then there are the tolls. When I go to the airport, I use three toll roads, Hwy 429, The Florida turnpike and the 528 toll road that goes east to the Airport. It costs $10.00 to make the round trip (cheaper because I have an e-pass and and get a discount) which would leave me with $31.60.

And then there is the matter of lunch unless the trolls think I am going to starve all day while working down there, assuming I work the full 8 hour day. A typical bagged lunch consisting of two sandwiches ( eating at the airport would be cost prohibitive) and something to drink would be around $5.00 assuming I did not buy a snack or two during the day or have the snacks with me. This brings things to $26.60

Now comes the issue of parking. There is no free parking at the airport, even for employees. This is something I found out when overhearing a couple of people complaining that their employers do not pay for parking there. The best deal I heard of is $25.00 per month.

Now, if someone worked 20 days per month at the airport and made 40 hours in pay, this might not sound too bad since this would work out to somewhere around a dollar or so a day.

The problem is that because of Obama care, most employers including the car rental agencies will not allow employees to work past 32 hours thus making them part time workers and not having to offer them health insurance.

This would mean that, at the most, I would be working 4 days per week raising the daily cost of the parking to around $2.00 per day, give or take.

To round things off, this means that at the end of the day, I have a WHOPPING $25.00 per day in my wallet. If I work only 3 days per week, that translates into $75.00 per week.

There is another hidden cost here. I drive a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe (as one troll illegally found out) that has almost 200,000 miles on it.

It is going to need things like, brake pads, Oil changes, and other routine expenses and eventually I would have to go out and buy ANOTHER car.

Ok, now assume that I have to do that.

When I first purchased the Santa Fe, I traded in a car and paid roughly $1000.00 for the down payment, dealer and license fees plus I paid $300.00 per month until it was recently paid off.

I also pay $100.00 per month to insure the thing.

IF I have to purchase another car to replace this thing after I wear it out, that would bring my net return for this so called job I am supposed to have at the airport to $000.00.

Oh by the way, the air conditioning went out so I get to drive around all day in the Florida heat. Anyone who has ever driven a modern car without air conditioning in the south knows what a joy that is.

Finally, as one or more of the trolls has pointed out, I am on social security where I make roughly $1200.00 per month sitting around in my comfortable air conditioned mobile home doing absolutely nothing.

Now with all of these facts at your disposal, would someone kindly explain to me why it is worth all of this trouble to get a job driving rental cars at the airport?

Stay tuned


mcoDuring a twitter storm last night about their claim I had a job at the Orlando airport, one of them made this interesting comment:

“Nice polo Murt’s been sporting. Just like the ones the rental car return drivers wear at MCO! .”

While I am not certain this comment is true (something I will find out late this evening) it did provide what might be a clue and proof that at least one person using that blog is NOT from Atlanta but might be a former Florida resident currently residing in the state of Ohio.


It is only logical to conclude that since the person who made that comment is quite familiar with the way things are done at the Orlando International Airport, it would be the Ohio resident who claimed to have lived in the Orlando Suburb Apopka, at one time and also lived in another Central Florida county that is about an hour from the Airport.


Anyone care to guess who that might be?

Stay tuned



I was accused recently, of all things, texting while driving during one of my webcasts. This is something I both do NOT do and is not necessary for me TO do.

So what is the law in Florida regarding texting while driving? Texting while driving is prohibited while READING text is in something of a gray area as it is not specifically prohibited but not encouraged.

It is considered a moving violation. It is also considered a SECONDARY violation which means you must be caught doing something else wrong, such as speeding or other moving violation.


I have been webcasting mobile for years and there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are engaging in this form of webcasting right now, including the vast majority of mainstream media outlets.


Anyone who owns a GPS that you stick on your windshield knows how hard it is to read text on one of them. It is much harder to do so on a smartphone, which is the current way I webcast.

The way I go about setting up my mobile webcasts is fairly simple. I log into my webcast site and start broadcasting while parked. It is virtually impossible to do this while moving. The logistics involved in going through the process of going on the air is complicated and quite dangerous to do while operating a vehicle.

The phone is not in my hand as the danger of webcasting this way is quite obvious. There is also the poor video quality of streaming video images on a smart phone that is not in a fixed location. The images wind up being shaky and are uncomfortable to watch.

iphonemountedInstead, I use a dashboard mount that holds the smartphone in place. This allows me hands free communications (which IS allowed under the laws in most locations) and there is no need to manually enter text as I can talk to my audience.


I am also using a GO PRO camera that is mounted on the vehicle I drive. When mobile broadcasting, the viewer does not see me (except for the brief time I am turning on the phone while stationary) but will see the road ahead as I go to and from various locations.

dcvideoThe images are similar to what one sees when watching dash cam videos on youtube and elsewhere on the internet.

Those of you who may decide to do your own mobile webcasting might want to check the laws where you live to be certain you do not wind up getting a ticket or worse.

This kind of webcasting can be done safely if you take the time to learn how to do so properly.

Stay tuned



There is a rumor circulating that at least one of the major political conventions to be held this summer may be broadcast in 360 degree Virtual Reality multimedia.

dncphilyIt would be the first time that either the Republican or Democratic parties would be the site of this leading edge way of broadcasting their event.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it may draw a new and unique audience to the event and may even draw a new spectrum of voters to the polls this fall.

jauntMost of the viewers of VR content tend to be younger, more affluent and more politically active. There is no specific information I can find as of yet as to the political leanings of those who are heavy VR content viewers so it is hard to say which convention would be the likeliest one to be the first to do a VR broadcast.

It would certainly be something to watch since it would be one of those events that would show just how real VR can be.

Perhaps someone in the know can enlighten us if this is just a rumor or is there someone about to make political history as well as VR history.

Stay Tuned