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mcoJust found out I have a few minutes before I have to leave and thought I would teach a lesson in economics.

The trolls who hang on to every word I post on Twitter seem to think I have a job at the International Airport. It turns out that the job they claim I have pays the minimum wage of $8.05 per hour. That works to a tad over 64.00 per day BEFORE the various deductions from the wages to cover income, ssi and welfare taxes. This brings the net wage down to somewhere around $50.00 per day.

Now, the airport is about 40 miles away from where I live which means I drive 80 miles per day to go to work.

The average MPG for the vehicle I drive is 20 which means I use at least 4 gallons of gas PER DAY to drive to work. Gas where I live is running around $2.10 per gallon which works out to $8.40 per day in gas leaving me with $41.60.

Then there are the tolls. When I go to the airport, I use three toll roads, Hwy 429, The Florida turnpike and the 528 toll road that goes east to the Airport. It costs $10.00 to make the round trip (cheaper because I have an e-pass and and get a discount) which would leave me with $31.60.

And then there is the matter of lunch unless the trolls think I am going to starve all day while working down there, assuming I work the full 8 hour day. A typical bagged lunch consisting of two sandwiches ( eating at the airport would be cost prohibitive) and something to drink would be around $5.00 assuming I did not buy a snack or two during the day or have the snacks with me. This brings things to $26.60

Now comes the issue of parking. There is no free parking at the airport, even for employees. This is something I found out when overhearing a couple of people complaining that their employers do not pay for parking there. The best deal I heard of is $25.00 per month.

Now, if someone worked 20 days per month at the airport and made 40 hours in pay, this might not sound too bad since this would work out to somewhere around a dollar or so a day.

The problem is that because of Obama care, most employers including the car rental agencies will not allow employees to work past 32 hours thus making them part time workers and not having to offer them health insurance.

This would mean that, at the most, I would be working 4 days per week raising the daily cost of the parking to around $2.00 per day, give or take.

To round things off, this means that at the end of the day, I have a WHOPPING $25.00 per day in my wallet. If I work only 3 days per week, that translates into $75.00 per week.

There is another hidden cost here. I drive a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe (as one troll illegally found out) that has almost 200,000 miles on it.

It is going to need things like, brake pads, Oil changes, and other routine expenses and eventually I would have to go out and buy ANOTHER car.

Ok, now assume that I have to do that.

When I first purchased the Santa Fe, I traded in a car and paid roughly $1000.00 for the down payment, dealer and license fees plus I paid $300.00 per month until it was recently paid off.

I also pay $100.00 per month to insure the thing.

IF I have to purchase another car to replace this thing after I wear it out, that would bring my net return for this so called job I am supposed to have at the airport to $000.00.

Oh by the way, the air conditioning went out so I get to drive around all day in the Florida heat. Anyone who has ever driven a modern car without air conditioning in the south knows what a joy that is.

Finally, as one or more of the trolls has pointed out, I am on social security where I make roughly $1200.00 per month sitting around in my comfortable air conditioned mobile home doing absolutely nothing.

Now with all of these facts at your disposal, would someone kindly explain to me why it is worth all of this trouble to get a job driving rental cars at the airport?

Stay tuned