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According to my prominent stalker whose minions think she is right about everything, the latest sock trolling me is the infamous Astro_X of Twitter fame.

While there is no proof of this as the new troll seems to want to keep it’s identity a secret, there is the interesting twist that the troll seems to be against both sides to some extent.

It is accusing AG of faking her illness which I think is something outside the realm of common sense. I seriously doubt that even AG would pull such a stunt but since all accusations by socks are to be believed, there might be some truth in all of this.

After all, the sock has accused me of wanting to kill her dogs although this is certainly not true. The troll also makes some other accusations against my haters and since the troll also makes accusations against me, that must be true as well.

At least this troll, being an equal opportunity accuser spreads the accusations around among most of the players in the on line soap opera, thus spreading the guilt trip evenly among all of us.

If this turns out to be Astro, all the better since it is she that has all of those underwear photos the Tess troll keeps bringing up.

Stay tuned