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Astro is an interesting character, she has switched sides in the social media battle at least a dozen times in the past few years. She is better at the old flip flop than any politician out there. She certainly has George HW Bush beat in the flip flop department.


As of early today, Astro had published a negative bio about Goddard.

Then, after Goddard once again falsely accused me of creating sock accounts along with another woman whom has ignored the rants of her and the other bullies.


It is rather obvious now, why the sock that was attacking me and Goddard vanished suddenly. Once the “apology” was issued, the sock account vanished and Astro’s bio rant changed just as quickly. Goddard played her as she has done in the past.

It is interesting to note that Astro has changed her bio rant slightly now attacking Kim Pickazio for not coming to Goddard’s aid in regards to the alleged stalking.


I doubt that even an apology from Mrs. Pickazio would stop her attacks but I have been wrong about her before.

I still suspect that Goddard and the other haters have created the socks attacking them in order to have the excuse to attack me and other people who would prefer to be left alone.

But, as I have posted earlier, it is likely that Goddard is engaging in these actions for the purposes of generating “click bait” to her website so people might feel sorry for her and hit the donate button she has there or perhaps visit one of her on line store fronts.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Goddard is in this for the money and hate is a way to earn easy money without having to do much.

As of yet, NOBODY has yet to tie one single sock account to me or the other person Goddard has named. Judging how she parses her words, she knows her accusations are false and thus wording her accusations in such a way as to avoid legal liability.

Stay tuned