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Apparently, he, she, they, does not understand what is defamation and what is not. Once again Let me review what Goddard herself has claimed on her various posts:

In some posts, Goddard claims to be the daughter of a Viet Nam Veteran. She has posted mountains of information about him.

She has also claimed to be the daughter of a “coal miner.” She has also claimed to grow up in poverty without power or water.

What is also important is that she claims to be here on a resident visa and is NOT a citizen of the United States.

Not everyone knows her statement on her now defunct Beaconhell blog where she went into yet another version of who her father is.

The question remains for those recent arrivals on the scene is this: How can someone who has at least one American parent need to have a resident visa in order to remain in the United States?

It is a simple question she should have no problem answering since she has (according to the Atlanta blogger) answered these questions before. A simple link to the aforementioned information that is all that is needed.

Now what one might find curious is this daughter of an American coal miner is photographed in front of a woman that is supposed to be her mother in GERMANY as indicated by the building in the background and the license tag on the VW Beetle behind the people in the photo.

Since Goddard and her BFF have several decades worth of personal information of me and others stored in their various databases, it is only fair these questions be asked.

Stay tuned